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How to record your first video job ad

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This year, it’s predicted that video content will represent a whopping 74% of all internet traffic. 74%!!

With this in mind, we can’t overstate the importance of embracing video job ads in 2017. Video ads are a way for recruiters and hiring managers to amplify candidate engagement simply by modernising their techniques. Although they may seem like a strange new world for those who haven’t made one before, video ads are actually very easy to make and can be produced with just one person, one camera phone and a few of the right tools.

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Follow these 5 simple steps to make recording your first video job ad a piece of cake!

1. Prepare the script

The script of your video ad will be based on regular job ad text, but tailored to fit for the digital platform. Start with a short intro of your company, then talk through the job description, and finish off with a succinct summary of the benefits of working for your company.

The best video job ads are ones that are personable and engaging – be sure to make the script more conversational and less formal than it would be as a written ad, and don’t forget to include a friendly sign off!

2. Rehearse

Rehearsing the ad before you record will save time in the long run. Firstly, ensure it runs for no more than 2 minutes when read out loud, then tweak the script accordingly as needed.

Once you’ve nailed the length, practice reading the script a few times so it rolls off the tongue.

Finally, pick a spot in the office to record the ad where there’s plenty of natural light and it’s not too noisy. Recording it from a position that shows off a great view of the office will be enticing for job seekers!

3. Record

When it comes to recording the ad, VideoMyJob is the tool we recommend. A mobile-friendly app with an inbuilt teleprompter, VideoMyJob allows you to upload your script and record the ad right from your phone or mobile tablet. With VideoMyJob, you can personalise video ads with your company branding and (thanks to a new update) any unfinished recordings are automatically saved. Sign up for a VideoMyJob account and read these short integration instructions to sync up with JobAdder.

When recording, prop up your mobile device on a stand or tripod to keep it level. Make sure the camera is at eye level and don’t fret if you stray from the script, often the words come off more naturally when you do!

4. Edit

You can apply a company logo to the video that will appear in the top left hand side corner of the video. VideoMyJob also allows you to trim footage so once you’ve recorded a video you’re happy with, crop out any unwanted footage. 

Towards the end of the video when you sign off and encourage candidates to apply for the vacancy – at around the final 30 second mark – you can insert the application email address and your contact details on the bottom of the video.

5. Publish

Once the video is ready, you can view it one last time and add a short blurb to accompany the video. You’ll also have the option to add an application link for job applicants to follow directly to the vacancy. Once that’s done and dusted, hit ‘Share’ on the video from your company profile and watch the applications roll in!

Don’t miss our video recap of how to record your first video job ad!


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