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Recruiters: How much time could you save with automation?

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In recruitment, moving candidates through the pipeline quickly is important. Not only does it help recruiters fill more roles, but it also creates a better candidate experience, and reduces the chance of losing talent to competitors.

Zapier is an online automation tool that allows you to connect JobAdder to the tools you already use, in order to automate repetitive tasks. It means you can focus on tasks that make you money, whilst engaging candidates. What’s more, with Zapier’s simple user interface, anyone can create a connection between JobAdder and another product to improve their workflow.

Perhaps you want to automate the process of responding to candidates who apply for roles, or send interview reminders. Maybe you want to automatically send candidate data from JobAdder to spreadsheets or vice versa. You might want to connect JobAdder to Slack. The possibilities are endless!

Read on to see how our customers are currently saving time using JobAdder and Zapier together.

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Actions triggered by Zapier when a candidate is placed in JobAdder

When a candidate moves to a placement, it triggers the following four actions:

  1. An email is sent to the recruiter’s manager with the job reference, job position, name of placement, placement fee, name of the recruiter
    Benefit: Manager has visibility and can congratulate their team member
  2. Placement data is sent to a repository which is connected to a Dashboard, that is visible to the team
    Benefit: Visibility of KPIs, motivating the team, celebrating success
  3. A draft invoice is created in Xero 
    1. An email is sent to the finance manager to approve and send the invoice
      Benefit: Automation of repetitive tasks
  4. An email is sent to the recruiter when the new placement is due to start their role, reminding them to send a gift, and where to send it to
    Benefit: Optimise candidate experience
  5. A calendar invite is created for 3 months after the start date so that the recruiter remembers to follow up with the candidate
    Benefit: Optimise candidate experience

Find out more about the available connections (Zaps) between JobAdder and Zapier.

How are you saving you time with Zapier automations? Are there any Zaps missing? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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