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8 recruitment dashboards that will keep you competitive

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Imagine being able to take the pulse of your agency’s health at any given moment. To instantly know who your top performer is, where to direct your business development efforts and which talent sources just aren’t worth investing in.

Then imagine not having to build the report and obtain those key metrics yourself. I liken reporting to vacuuming your house. You know you need to do it but if only someone could invent something that did it for you…oh wait. That problem has been solved already.

Well, so has your reporting woes!

Still reporting like it’s 2018? Unlike some Recruitment Management Systems (RMS), which create static reports that provide a moment-in-time glimpse into your agency’s health, JobAdder’s reporting dashboards can provide constant, real-time insights.

It’s not simply about recruiter metrics that focus on time to hire or positions filled. The key is understanding how these measurements intertwine with each other rather than simply in isolation. To know where to redirect your efforts and keep your agency on an upward trajectory.

The following recruitment dashboards are the secret sauce of highly successful agencies who know how to use data-driven insights to stay ahead of the competition.

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Want a high-level view of how your business is performing?

As an owner or director of a recruitment agency, it’s important to be able to get a real-time snapshot into all areas of your business.

How does your revenue this month compare to last month or last year? Are you generating a top of the recruitment funnel activity such as new companies and contacts? How does each of your teams perform?

The Overview dashboard provides all of this, providing a simple yet detailed “health-check” across your entire business. It gives agency owners a simple, clear look at how the business has performed within a given period as well as over a period of time.

Active temps and contractors

Temp and contractors are often a very important part of an agency’s business.

However, a common challenge is keeping up to date with the movement of your candidates. Who starts work this week? Whose contract is coming to an end? How many contractors does each consultant or team have on? What does your pipeline look like?

This dashboard will give you a breakdown of all active contractors, where they are working, and when their placements are finishing. You can also see long term trends of contractor volumes in the past, as well as into the future, so you can effectively manage your pipeline.

Open Jobs

One of the most important things a Manager or Director needs is the visibility of the current pipeline of work. The Open Jobs dashboard gives a breakdown of all current jobs, showing a detailed breakdown of what stages jobs are at, how many candidates are at each stage, and the workload per consultant.

This recruitment dashboard enables the business to understand how much they currently have on and what they can expect to make from a revenue perspective.


Recruitment consultants are the cylinders in the engine that drive a recruitment business. Therefore, it’s vitally important that managers have access to an easy, live snapshot of a consultant’s end-to-end recruitment process.

This can enable a business to understand which consultants are not performing as expected, which consultants are going above and beyond, as well as assist the business to audit their consultants from a key performance (KPI) perspective.

The recruitment activity covers everything from upstream business development activity (new contacts, jobs) through to CV submits, client interviews, and of course placements and revenue. It’s not all about the raw numbers though.

Our Consultant dashboard also measures the quality of work, such as CV submit: client interview ratios or client interviews per placement. You can also easily benchmark consultants to see how their performance compares to their peers.


If consultants are the engine to a recruitment agency, clients are the fuel. Therefore it’s incredibly important that you understand where your source of fuel comes from, and that you have enough in the tank.

The Companies dashboard does just that – it allows you to take a deep-dive into the clients that you are working with to then understand which clients are the most valuable to you (think high fill rates, high average margins, etc), and which ones you need to place less focus on.

It also allows you to see shifts over time, helping you understand which new clients are generating a lot of business, as well as which clients may have fallen off the radar, which is something you may need to address.

Lost Companies

Maintaining relationships with good clients is key to the longevity of a recruitment agency. However, as your business grows, and people come and go, it becomes difficult to ensure that those relationships remain intact.

This dashboard tries to close that gap by proactively showing you clients that haven’t been contacted recently. It provides a perfect way from both a macro and micro level to manage this. You can look at companies who haven’t been contacted by anyone in your business in three months or more. Or, if you have a consultant that just left the business, you can easily pull up all the companies and contacts they last were in touch with, and ensure that those relationships get a warm handover.


Sourcing candidates is one of the most expensive components of recruitment.

Therefore, it’s vitally important you understand the value of your acquisition channels. And we don’t just mean volume of applications, but the quality of hires.

The Sources dashboard gives you insight into which job boards or sources are bringing the best high-quality candidates, including tracking candidates all the way through to placement.

It also demonstrates how well your consultants are leveraging the database as well, or if they are relying purely on paid job advertisements.

Live TV

Keeping an eye on the real-time activity and achievements of your business is not only important to your bottom line, but also an important way to engage and motivate your team.

This is why we’ve built a number of Live TV dashboards – dashboards we’ve designed to be displayed in the office and viewable by everyone. From tracking the number of client interviews month-to-date versus the previous month, to showing the latest placements in real-time; these dashboards will provide a transparent and engaging way to motivate the team.

Savvy businesses are getting on the data train and they’re using a Recruitment Management System that gets results. So it stands to reason that any agency focused on growth and revenue should be paying more attention to the impact their recruiting efforts have via data-driven insights.

This post was originally published on February 21st 2019 and has since been updated on August 2nd 2019. 


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