Recruitment Insights with Phil from Michael Bailey Associates

Julie Mittel
20 Jun
Reading time: 5 minutes
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Today, we’d like to highlight one of our recruitment agency customers who has been doing some exciting and innovative things in recruitment and with the JobAdder recruitment CRM.

Michael Bailey Associates is an IT recruiting company specialising in contingency, retained and project based recruitment solutions across the Information Technology space. Setting up business in 2007 (and living in the same office building as JobAdder in Sydney), they are under the wing of a large UK Agency, Michael Bailey Associates who operate 12 offices internationally with over 800 contractors throughout Europe and Asia across multiple verticals.

Michael Bailey Director, Phil Hack, is committed to developing high performing consultants, improving staff engagement, and implementing new processes and systems. We interviewed Phil to get some insights from his 16 years in the industry and how technology is enabling Michael Bailey to stay ahead of the game.

JA: In the decade since Michael Bailey went into business you’ve been witness to the rapid transformation of technology and IT recruitment. What are you most excited about in recruiting at the moment?

Phil: Wow that I have! In the early days from faxing CV’s and not having email, to tablets, social media and web based software the landscape has certainly changed. I am sure there are lots more crazy ideas still to come that will shape our industry and how we operate.However more recently, with last year not being the best, the first half of the year has seen a lot of activity as people assess their current roles and feel more confident in a move. This in turn has created more movement, which has an instant knock on effect and has created more need from clients. That excites me as it means more roles and projects that need good candidates.

Also, the continued rapid innovation in technology and the different ways we as recruiters can still stay connected, even away from the office, is very exciting.

JA: Where do you see the future of recruitment heading?

Phil: I see a continued increase in clients innovating through technology, and that this changing technology landscape will continue to keep us all very busy.

Companies have recognised the need to innovate quickly and stay ahead of their competition. The use of social media has seen a huge spike and companies have had to jump on board quickly to ensure a superior customer experience through the use of smartphones, tablets and other offerings to their customers.

The future of external recruitment agents will still play a key role in sourcing niche skills and contingent workers, but it is fair to say that internal recruitment teams have grown in size and are supplying a larger percentage of resources than ever before, especially with regards to permanent hires.

However that said, relationships, ethics and doing the basics remain key for the ever evolving recruiter!

JA: What are the key challenges for recruiters and for yourself as a manager? And how do you overcome them?

Phil: Keeping staff motivated, happy and wanting to come into work each day is our main challenge. My approach is not to micromanage people and not to tell them to get on the phone. We all know it’s a phone based business where the basics are done via the phone. If your numbers are down it’s obvious what you need to do – get on the phone! You don’t need to say it if you hire experienced people. Consultants who sit on their email and LinkedIn will not build true relationships as nothing’s more effective than face-to-face meetings. When you get a job, get off your seat and meet the manager!

I also run a number of sales incentives with rewards like big screen TV’s, spa days and travel vouchers. We have a fun (play hard work hard) environment where we do interesting things as a team. Even small things can help to raise the energy of the office. For instance we’re currently searching for the best burger under $15 in Sydney, so every Friday we try somewhere different as a team. Whatever it is mix it up!

JA: Without giving away all of your secrets, how do you use technology to stay ahead of the competition and recruit the best IT talent?

Phil: I can’t say too much, but I will say, don’t rely too heavily on LinkedIn. It’s a good tool, don’t get me wrong, but it is too easy to sit on it all day and get too absorbed.There are other options and avenues out there too.

Michael Bailey has been using the JobAdder KPI Dashboards in their office for over a year now.

JA: What has been the outcome of having your recruiter KPIs displayed in your office?

Phil: I love it. The visual reference is great. It’s is a modern twist on the old sales board. At a glance you can do a quick comparison against your colleagues, and get motivated to make that next call. To see your colleagues faces and see them change to smiles when minimum requirements are hit is great. Plus, you can set the dashboards to play a host of different tunes as deals are closed. It adds a little more fun to the office.

JA: Would you recommend this approach to other agencies? If so, why (or why not)?

Phil: Yes, I would recommend it. It adds a motivating and modern element to your sales floor.

JA: What one word or phrase would you use to describe the future or current strategy for Michael Bailey?

Phil: Watch this space!

If you’re a current JobAdder customer and are interested in learning more about the interactive team KPI Dashboard please contact us.

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