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Lessons in Recruitment from James Bond


Recruiters – when was the last time you went above and beyond the call of duty for a candidate? People are our product in this competitive industry and it pays to invest in them and keep them happy. Take a candidate for coffee before an interview or check in on an old client and wish them a Merry Christmas!



A good recruitment CRM can make every candidate and client feel like their recruiter is their very own problem eliminator (no matter how many projects that recruiter may be juggling). Send group emails customised to each recipient, reach contacts via text for quick responses and reminders, use and reuse templated emails and job ads.



The fittest and best recruiters use recruitment platforms that produce consistent, frequent product updates. If an RMS is continually releasing new features and enhancements, you can be confident of its adaptability and commitment to continuous improvement.



Staying front and centre in people’s minds means they’ll turn to you in times of need. Start each week by reaching out to a handful of new prospects and be an active member of your recruitment community – go to the industry events, attend the awards and contribute to the meetup groups – the rewards will follow!



Bond’s way of saying don’t forget to celebrate the wins – big and small!

Stuart Read

Stuart Read

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