Shedding Some Light On The Polished Turd

Stuart Read
20 Apr
Reading time: 3 minutes
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So the award for the most entertaining blog post of last week goes to The Written Reference’s Craig Watson for ‘Polishing The Turd…’. I mean if nothing else, what a title!

In the post, Craig boldly likens recruiters trying to repackage bad candidates as good ones to the act of polishing a turd. Come to think of it, is there any better way to describe it?!

When faced with pressure from all sides as recruiters are on a daily basis – in the form of clients, competitors, candidates and managers – he points out that the easy option is to “whip out the turtle wax” and just recycle a bad candidate.

Craig identifies a few common problems that all recruiters face and we couldn’t help notice that JobAdder is well-positioned to help solve them.

Firstly, the main issue – polishing turds – which stems from a lack of good candidates.

At times every recruiter feels like they’re moving within the same pools of talent, hoping to find that extraordinary candidate before anyone else does.


JobAdder Anxious RecruiterGIF source: GIPHY

When feeling less than inspired on the candidate front, JobAdder’s ‘Top 10 Similar Candidates’ search function is heaven sent. Recruiters simply select one promising candidate’s profile and run a search in JobAdder that will produce 10 candidates with profiles similar to theirs. Unlike a standard keyword search, this search performs a comprehensive comparison of candidate resumes as a whole in order to help recruiters uncover those hidden gems within their own database.

JobAdder also recently made enhancements to PeopleAdder, a feature that is designed to broaden and diversify a recruiter’s pool of resources by creating candidate profiles from social media sites. An effective platform to reach passive candidates, PeopleAdder allows recruiters to utilise social media for recruitment with ease.

The other big issue for recruiters that Craig identifies is their dislike of the follow up process after a candidate is placed. He points out that the only thing recruiters like less than this process is reference checking.

Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix solution to checking a job seeker’s references. Yes it can be tedious and repetitive, but it’s worth doing to make sure the candidate in question is just as outstanding in real life as they are on their CV.

As for the follow up process however, we may have just the solution. HROnboard, employee onboarding software, is the most recent addition to JobAdder’s partner marketplace. Recent, as in last week recent!

HROnboard is dedicated to simplifying the processes involved with onboarding new candidates after they’re successfully placed, i.e. during the follow up period, and to making sure that new staff have an awesome first impression of their new workplace.  

With a ton of savvy recruitment solutions in its marketplace, JobAdder helps put an end to sh*tty situations and make polishing turds a thing of the past!

Image source: Pixabay

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