Should you include salary information in your job ad?

Stuart Read
21 Mar
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When advertising for a job vacancy, recruiters and hiring managers must face this question that continues to polarise people. 

Much to the frustration of job seekers, it’s common for a salary package to be omitted from a job listing. One rationale for this is that recruiters may not want to show their hand first: publicising a remuneration package means exposing it to competitors and may mean running the risk of isolating candidates with salary expectations that differ from the one on offer.

On the flip side, including a wage bracket is a useful barometer from which candidates can gauge the level of seniority of the role they are applying for. It can also act as a filter to dissuade underqualified and overqualified candidates from applying.

Recently, one of JobAdder’s job board partners Adzuna weighed in on the debate by kindly volunteering some real answers about what (or rather, how much) recruiters stand to lose by not disclosing salary information.

And the results were quite surprising.

According to data insight from Adzuna, the abandonment rate by quality candidates of ads that do not include salary information are significantly higher than those that do. Ads with some sort of indication of wage have been proven to have a click through rate as much as three times higher than their counterparts without it.

So, if you’re a recruiter who is a staunch member of the camp against listing any dollar figures first up, Adzuna’s findings present some very good reasons to reconsider your position.

As well as guaranteeing a higher chance of visibility, the inclusion of a remuneration package will likely result in a more diverse talent pool applying for your vacant position, stacking the odds in your favour when it comes time to make a placement.

It appears that when it comes to publishing a job vacancy, it doesn’t pay to play your hand close to your chest.


Authors: Jessica Johnson-Shapter & Laura Hanrahan

Image source: Pexels

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