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Solving candidate sourcing challenges: Why recruiters are missing one significant source

Sarah Linney
Content Marketing Manager at JobAdder
candidate sourcing

Candidate sourcing is a key challenge for recruiters this year as the ripple effects of the COVID-19 crisis impact the job market.

In our JobAdder report, we saw that job growth has risen significantly.

In Australia, JobAdder agency users were creating an average of 55.88 jobs per account in Q2 2021, an impressive growth from 25.14 average jobs in Q2 2020.

In New Zealand, agency users were creating 53.80 average jobs in Q2 of this year, up from 19.56 average jobs in Q2 last year. 

Unfortunately, our quarterly reporting also revealed that while job growth is booming, applications are falling. 

In Australia, the average ratio for applications per job was sitting at 51.9 in Q2 2020 and saw a steady decrease over the last year due to closed borders and a tight talent market with the average ratio at 18.8 by Q2 2021.

In New Zealand, a similar downward trend is seen for applications, moving from 24.9 in Q2 last year to 10.0 in Q2 this year.

So, how can recruitment agencies address these candidate sourcing challenges?

Diversifying your candidate sourcing

The most crucial thing that recruiters can do to address a tight talent market and candidate sourcing challenges is to diversify their candidate sourcing strategies and sources.

Are you looking at the same people with the same experience to fill your roles? You might be overlooking skilled professionals that have varied experiences, differing needs or disabilities or those looking to get back into the workforce. 

One such source which many recruiters may not consider is the first responder community. These are experienced and capable professionals who are looking to move out of the first responder community (think police, paramedics and firefighters) and into the civilian workforce. 

The unique talents, lived experiences and transferable skills of first responders, including proven leadership, people management and problem-solving skills, are currently being underutilised by recruiters.  

For first responders who are ready to transition to the civilian workforce, navigating the recruitment and selection processes that often dominate the private and not-for-profit hiring pathways can be difficult. 

We recently partnered with Beyond the Badge to help recruiters make the most of this candidate source market with our eBook: How first responders could address your candidate sourcing challenges. Download the free eBook now to learn more.

Barbara Bruno reveals her tips for overcoming talent shortages in our free on-demand webinar.

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