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How Spark Hire Can Change The Way Your Business Recruits

Stuart Read
7 Jul
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Did you know that in the time it takes to do one phone screen, you can view and assess 10 one-way video interviews?

To that end, we’re excited to announce that the latest addition to our
Integration Marketplace is video interviewing platform Spark Hire.

JobAdder’s cloud-based recruitment platform is designed to simplify and streamline the recruitment process, so video interviewing is a highly relevant addition.

JobAdder CEO Brett Iredale says, “We’re excited to integrate video interviews into the JobAdder platform and into the workflow of our users.  We have been using Spark Hire for our own recruitment and I can’t help but wonder why it took us so long.  This integration with Spark Hire makes it very easy for our clients to use and it gives them another competitive advantage when connecting with global talent.”

Spark Hire streamlines the interview process by using video technology to host one-way or live interviews* between recruiters and candidates. Instead of losing time trying to find a suitable time for both parties to meet or setting aside a chunk of time for a face-to-face or an annoying Skype interview, recruiters can conduct a short video interview without even having to leave their desk.

Once an interview is complete, it is saved against the relevant candidate record in JobAdder and from there the recruiter can easily watch the interview and share it with colleagues for their input.

“The interview plays an enormous part in establishing a solid relationship between potential employees and an organization,” says Josh Tolan, CEO at Spark Hire. “However, in many cases it’s not practical or possible to meet each candidate. Video interviewing solves this problem. It allows recruiters to get to know more candidates and find the best options efficiently without losing time or resources early in the hiring process with in-person or phone interviews.”


Don’t miss all the insight from Spark Hire’s Partner Q&A with JobAdder here!

* Please note: Spark Hire’s live interviewing feature is supported in the US and the UK only, not in the ANZ region.

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