New Statistics on Workplace Climate and Trends

Stuart Read
27 Jun
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One of the highlights of JobAdder’s event circuit this month was attending the CIPD’s HR Software Show in London.

This much-anticipated event was attended by industry influencers and tech gurus alike, and hosted a series of learning sessions on everything from HR data and analytics to onboarding inefficiencies to AI.


JobAdder Stats Post


During the event, we also got a first glimpse at the CIPD’s Spring 2017 ‘Employee Outlook’ survey. With a diverse cross-section of over 2,000 UK employees participating in the survey, the new statistics gathered in the survey reveal a lot about the current climate, trends and employee sentiment among the workforce.

Here’s our recap of the most interesting and revelatory survey statistics:

Job satisfaction is on the rise

  • Net job satisfaction has risen over the last 6 months – 64% of employees are satisfied with their job and just 16% are dissatisfied.
  • Job satisfaction within the public sector is the highest it’s been in 8 years, since the survey began.


Health and well-being is a priority in the workplace

  • 72% of employees feel their manager is considerate of their well-being. When it comes to feeling their employer is considerate of their well-being, that figure is a little lower (but still high) at 63%.
  • Employees’ ability to achieve work / life balance remains stable, with private sector employees being most likely to say that they achieve the right balance.


Mixed feelings on performance and pay

  • 81% of the public sector have performance management processes, compared to 76% in the voluntary sector and in the private sector, this figure is just 48%.
  • 56% of employees do not feel their pay is linked to their performance.
  • 40% of part-time workers feel they are overqualified for their role, compared to just 26% of full-time workers who feel they are.


Optimistic views towards tech

  • 41% of people surveyed agree that having remote access to the workplace helps them to stay in control of their workload.
  • When asked whether they are worried that either all or some parts of their job might be automated in the future, a whopping 71% of respondents replied ‘No’.


Insight from the CIPD 2017 Spring ‘Employee Outlook’ Survey has been produced in partnership with Halogen Software. Click here to download the full survey.

Image courtesy of CIPD.

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