Stop Printing, Start Clicking.

Grace Orchard
14 May
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With the hacking of printers in the news again, it’s a good time to consider whether the benefits of going paperless outweigh any reasons for holding on to those technological beasts.

We are a paperless business, and I must say, when I first started in my role as JobAdder’s Office Manager and EA, it was incredibly disorienting. My reaction, like many new starters I have welcomed in the last two years, was; What do you mean I can’t use post-it notes, I’ll never have to print or scan anything again and I don’t have to stock up on paper, or printer cartridges or chase anyone to sign a piece of paper?

Prior to this role, I had worked for a number of large corporate organisations whose attempt to become ‘paperless’ (using the term very loosely here) was really just printing things off and re-scanning them so they could be stored and accessed on the right CRM. We used more paper through this process than ever before, not to mention tracking and searching was a nightmare; it involved a complicated file naming system which took 3 days to learn and pass the subsequent quizzes (just the way you want to start your new job right?).

If you have been in a role that has this perpetual nonsense going on, you’re probably tired of the administration butt ache that is paper or going paperless. Especially if you are in a role that requires any kind of sign off approvals, signatures on documents, signatures on contracts or anything that involves action from a colleague.

Secure cloud-based technologies like JobAdder, and our Marketplace partners, are the difference between a ‘paperless’ office and a paperless office. Working from anywhere, electronic signatures and an up to date, easily searchable CRM with very minimal data entry is no longer the future, it is very much available right now.

Not to digress too much into the Scientific research on the state of the Environment, I’ll leave that up to you to evaluate, but one thing is certain that there needs to be significant changes made by large corporations toward sustainable and low-impact operations. Adopting paperless technologies is one of the simplest ways to do that and whilst this has without a doubt been something businesses strive for, how many are succeeding?

We strive to make the hiring process simpler for corporates and recruiters just by eliminating some of these old-school administrative headaches. Work smarter, not harder when you can eliminate long hiring requisitions approvals processes, and the mountains of paper that go with it, through HiringManager. With JobAdder, and by taking advantage of our Marketplace partners, you can send contracts and onboard new starters all with a few clicks; your entire workflow from intention to hire to onboarding is taken care of. So stop printing, start clicking, and explore the ways you can improve your workday, lower your environmental impact and cut complications by using technologies already easily available to you.

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