Can we stop the obsession with social recruiting already?

Brett Iredale
12 Feb
Reading time: 3 minutes
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Okay, I’ll admit it, this post may come across as a tad hypocritical. I’ve spent the larger part of my career campaigning on behalf of the power of social media. And while I still passionately advocate the use of social media in any business, social media will never be the end all be all for a business. That same goes for social recruiting in recruitment.

Let me give you a little background. Having worked in the recruitment industry since 2010, I’ve seen social recruiting be a flicker of discussion to a full blown conversation and buzz topic in the industry. Personally having seen the panic of job boards ready to integrate social recruiting into their strategy, I also, in turn, struggled to prove social media’s worth to recruiters.

As many of you read this, I’m sure you’re wondering or struggling to learn where you’ll see you wins in social media and where you can’t rely on social media in your recruitment strategy. Here are a few things you can count on social media for:

Social recruiting WILL help grow your employer branding online: Zappos is a perfect example of this. They’ve embraced social media and many know their employer branding online. However, brands like Zappos’ social media began with superb branding, not superb social media. Then, as a result, a great forward facing brand will help you stay top of mind when candidates are looking for a job.

Social recruiting WON’T reach everyone: In an age where edge rank dominates Facebook, ads are starting to dominate Twitter and paid job postings rule LinkedIn, your company updates won’t reach everyone. Sure millennials spend hours on end on social media, but crowded new feeds and paid content will overshadow your social media posts.

Social recruiting is NO LONGER free: Sure, blogging is free, so is reaching the right audience with hashtags and in industry groups on LinkedIn. But to really get your message out there, you’re going to have to drop some dough on sponsored ads and tweets.

Social media WILL continue to be a free background check: Where’s the first place you head when you’re considering candidates? Social media. A candidate’s LinkedIn profile will continue to be a great public resume for the foreseen future — potentially even replace the resume on day.

Gathering as many fans and followers WILL NOT guarantee conversions: When it comes to social recruiting, practice quality over quantity. You can spend as much money as you want on sponsored ads to help grow your fan base on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but spending the time to grow an engaged fan base will alway win.

Social media will NOT guarantee your applicants for your job: Tweet, post and blog your heart away but social media does not guarantee qualified applicants will apply for your job.

If there’s one thing for certain, social media is here to stay. But as the old saying goes” never put all your eggs in one basket” and that saying is especially true with social recruiting. So while we shouldn’t ignore social recruiting, let’s all stop with the obsession already.

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