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Taskpace Integration Brings Personal AI Assistance To Recruiters

There’s no shortage of exciting breakthroughs in AI – self-driving cars, household robots and even droids that deliver piping hot pizza to your doorstep.

As for the recruitment industry, our new integration with Taskpace now gives recruiters access to a personal AI assistant.


Taskpace is a smart task management tool designed for recruiters.


By integrating with your existing CRM, Taskpace collates all of your tasks and converts them into one actionable list within their user-friendly platform. Tasks are gathered from the data and activities of the individual recruiter’s user account, such as their job orders.

Using AI functionality, Taskpace predicts future actions and tasks, making suggestions about what a recruiter must do next and guiding them efficiently through their workflow.

Tasks are automatically updated as soon as they’re completed and they are sorted by priority – if a job sits idle in the task queue for too long, it will bumped up to the front of the queue as a reminder to the recruiter.

By taking care of the routine and ensuring no task slips through the cracks, Taskpace’s goal is to free up the recruiter so that they can focus on making more placements.


Taskpace is $10AUD per user per month, but for a limited time only Taskpace are offering JobAdder users 1 month free usage. Sign up to Taskpace before 31st May with the coupon code JOBADDERTP to redeem this offer!

Find out more about how to connect your JobAdder account with Taskpace in the Integrations Marketplace.
Now if only we could combine the personal AI assistant with the pizza delivery droid…

Stuart Read

Stuart Read

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