Technology meets Psychology; Integrate with Talegent

Grace Orchard
12 Apr
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Psychometric testing, the pinnacle of candidate evaluation. But what is it? How can it help you recruit smarter? Better?

In a nutshell, Psychometric testing is a scientific method for evaluating mental competency and behaviours. They allow you to easily test the aptitude of a candidate, and by using this data you are better able to select the right candidate for the company and role you are recruiting for. If you haven’t yet invested in a skills testing tool, there is no shortage of options, but be sure to research and find the solution that best suits your hiring needs.

Industry tailored, Talegent delivers creative solutions for predicting human performance. You can take advantage of its adaptive offering and implement the level and type of test you need, also allowing you to scale up as your company grows. With a customisable branded offering, Talegent can offer the best experience for you and your candidates.

Scalable alongside your business, their cognitive and personality tests are best-in-class in the land of predictive analysis tools.

The best part? They are now fully integrated with JobAdder.

Contact Talegent now to get started.

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