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Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

With no lock in contracts here at JobAdder, our customers are free to come and go as they please.  They get to judge us on our performance each and every month and that is very important to us.

With this in mind I wanted to take a minute to thank so many of our clients who take the time to tell others about their experience with JobAdder.  Sometimes it is constructive feedback (which we always welcome), and sometimes it is all out ❤.   We try to thank each of you individually when you say something nice about us online, however if we have missed anyone I want to just take a minute to thank all of our amazing clients who contribute to online conversations about recruitment systems.

Here are some recent examples;

And from the UK


Thanks again to all our amazing clients for the regular feedback and support.  Your success is everything to us and we will continue working hard to give you every advantage over your competitors.

Brett Iredale

Brett Iredale

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