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Grace Orchard
28 Mar
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Anyone with a foot in this world, knows that we are in the age of opinion. One bad review can spread like wildfire, and can immediately influence a buyers level of engagement with a business. In the recruitment world, why should the expectation for quality of service be any different? How are you treating your customers (your Candidates) through your product (your Recruiters)? When the product is people, how do you find out if your candidates like your product over another company? How is your product performing?

Recruiter Insider, solves a lot of these problems. By seeking out real time candidate feedback, it allows you to consolidate and evaluate data on each recruiter. Subsequently you can cumulatively rate and rank recruiter performance within the agency, and within the greater RI community.

By linking to your JobAdder, Recruiter Insider, allows you to monitor compliance in terms of job ad and data entry accuracy, and evaluate the levels of activity over time against sentiment analysis of candidate feedback.

If you’re looking to be compliant, knock the candidate experience right out of the pipeline and have full transparency of your recruiter performance than this might be something for you.

Find out more, contact Justin Hillier for a more detailed look at how this will work for you (ps If you sign up to a 12 month agreement by the 30th of April 2018, you will get 20% off the cost of each user per month for the first year).

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