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The #SydRecMeetup – Get Familiar

Stuart Read
18 Nov
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JobAdder played host to Sydney’s very first #SydRecMeetup event and boy was it a breath of fresh air!

Having gained popularity throughout New Zealand and in Melbourne over the last 2 years, the team behind Recruitment Meetup kicked things off in Sydney over beers at JobAdder HQ.

Talent Acquisition leader and no-nonsense host Mark Mansour set the tone when he cut right to the chase, “let’s be honest, recruiters keep information to themselves – there’s always that one person who stashes away a dream candidate’s CV in their top drawer.”

With that in mind, the #SydRecMeetup group provides recruiters (both agency and in-house) with an opportunity to network and trade secrets with other like-minded people. In doing so it aims to bridge the gap between agency and internal recruiters and to alleviate that feeling a lot of recruiters have of working in separate silos.

Turns out this struck a chord – some of their meetups have had up to 100 recruiters in attendance.

In the spirit of Mark’s candid, no-BS mantra, here’s a snapshot of the best tips and advice to come out of the talk:

  1. If you’re not already, get on Twitter.
  2. Lusha and Email Hunter – both great tools for finding email addresses.
  3. SourceHub – an awesome candidate sourcing tool packed with a Boolean-string generator.
  4. Recruiters who only pay attention to recent job seekers – rethink your strategy. If the typical candidate’s tenure at work lasts for 18-months, why not target candidates at the 16-month mark with an offer they can’t refuse?
  5. HiringSolved – a people-aggregating site that scours the entire web for the best talent.
  6. Talk about recruiters one day being replaced by robots is rubbish, because when it comes to client service, people want people i.e. JobAdder’s kick-ass helpful Customer Support team (thanks Mark!).
  7. Intelligence Search – a smart (and free!) candidate sourcing Chrome extension.
  8. Facebook Graph Search – this social sourcing tool is right underneath every recruiter’s nose but a lot don’t know about it. Here’s a how-to for those unfamiliar with it.
  9. Recruiters need to be reminded that when it comes to candidates – quality is always more important than quantity. Juggling a high volume of average candidates (as opposed to a smaller group of high quality candidates) is more work, more interviews and more of a drain on recruiter time and energy.
  10. Finally, when it came to the topic of reference checks, Xref came up the winner. 1 – for the fact that it’s so easy to use and 2 – having to call references is a pain in the a** for the recruiter and for the referee who is put under pressure to say something positive when quizzed over the phone!

A big shout out goes to Allegis Global Solutions for sponsoring our food and drink for the night!

Register for the next Sydney Recruitment Meetup event on Wednesday, 14th December hereFor more images from the event, explore the hashtag #SydRecMeetup on Twitter!

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