Tips for Resume Screening Success!

Brett Iredale
8 Jun
Reading time: 2 minutes
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You’ve met with your client, drafted a stellar job posting, advertised it and now are seeing a flood of candidates apply for your position. Now you have a day’s worth of work screening applicants’ resumes.

Sound familiar? Narrow down your applicants by screening resumes in a jif with these top tips:

Excessive Length: It’s a resume, not a thesis. Chances are a long resume means a candidate may have trouble summarizing qualifications in a short, concise manner.  Consider that a warning sign and move it to the bottom of the pile

Brush off your Boolean Search terms: Take a look at your job advertisement?What software programs does your client want a candidate to be well versed in? How many years of experience is required? Browse applicants keeping those keywords in mind. Or, check your applicant tracking software to see if they offer keyword search.

Formatting and Design: Spelling, grammar, and design all play into deciding which candidates are right for a position. Typos and design flaws? Move them to the bottom of your pile.

Location: Is your client willing to pay relocation costs? If not, then rule out candidates that are out of state or far away from a company. You can always revisit and ask if a candidate is willing to relocation after ruling out your “perfect matches.”

What is your advice for screening resumes? Comment below and tell us your best screening resume tips!

Image Source: Flickr Creative Commons, Flazingo Photos.

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