What’s Trending in Recruitment? Week of February 16th

Brett Iredale
21 Feb
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It’s the start of a new weekend, which means its time to shake off your week. Take a deep breath, and congratulate yourself — you’ve made it through yet another hectic week in recruitment!

Didn’t have a chance to keep up with what’s trending in recruitment, we understand. That’s why we’ve compiled our list of the top stories in recruitment.

NPAworldwide: Is Your Recruitment Website Up to Date?

Guest Blogger, Anne Downing of Demetrio & Associates, LLC took to NPAworldwide’s blog this week to share her list of items to look for in an outdated recruitment website. From the responsiveness of your site to the ability to share content, Downing’s list was a comprehensive checklist of items to ensure you’re keeping your recruitment website up to date! Think your recruitment website is a star? Flaunt your stuff by leaving a comment below.

SparkHire Blog: How Hiring is Different in 2015?

We’ve made it through the hustle and bustle of the new year, sailed past the winter blues and still many recruiters are still looking for ways to keep with recruitment in 2015. How was your recruitment strategy adapted to the new changes in hiring this year? SparkHire’s Blog covered an interesting perspective on how hiring has changed in 2015.

Trinity Staffing Services: How to Avoid Interview Scheduling Hassles

Between an employer’s busy schedule and a candidate’s own hectic life, scheduling interviews can feel impossible. Trinity Staffing Services shared their tips to avoid scheduling hassles this week on their blog. What’s your advice for avoiding interview scheduling hassles?

SocialTalent: 6 Podcasts Recruiters Should Download Right Now

Podcasts have sort of fallen by the wayside over the years but have gained popularity lately with the rise of murder mystery podcast, Serial. Now, thanks to SocialTalent, we start powering our recruitment by listening to their list of podcasts shared this week on their blog. TED Radio Hour and Freakonomics Radio are just a few that topped SocialTalent’s list. While these podcasts aren’t directly related to recruitment, many of the lessons in each podcast on their list can be applied to recruitment.

Share what’s trending in your world by commenting below. TGIF, people, enjoy your weekend!

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