Updates! Updates! Updates!

Brett Iredale
21 Mar
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Go big or go home! Our latest releases packs a punch of exciting new product enhancements and updates. From actions to filters, job applications and more, there are plenty of new updates in JobAdder to help simplify your recruitment process.

1) Actions, actions, actions, everywhere!

Close jobs, change statuses, change internal ratings and more anywhere from JobAdder.

2) Bulk Close Jobs

Closing jobs one at a time is tedious. JobAdder users can now close multiple jobs in just a couple of clicks. Simple.

3) Keyword search applicants in a job record

So you’re in a Job Order and you’ve got a ton of applicants, but you want to know which applicants has the skills you need for the job you’re placing. Simplify by searching applicant jobs right from a job record.

4) Autosaves and suggestions for keyword search

Your search just got easier with autosaves and suggestions for keyword searches. Saving you even more time and frustration in your day.

5) Add up to 50 Candidates at a time.

We’ve increased the number candidates you can upload at a time from 20 to 50. Just one more way to save time in your day.

6) Job Applications: add to another job

A little goodwill goes a long way in recruitment. That’s why we added the ability to add job applications to other jobs. Share with your coworkers or save for another job you’re recruiting for. Just sit back and enjoy the good recruitment karma that will come your way.

7) SMS Contacts

Those of you that share our passion for mobility will LOVE this update. SMS your contacts for quick updates where they are, when they need the updates the most.

8) Company: Create a new contact, job, and subsidiary

From a company record in JobAdder you can now easily create a new Job, Contact or Subsidiary in JobAdder.

9) Create new notes from every popup window

Have a resume or detail page open? Add notes straight from every popup window in JobAdder. The less clicks you take, the more productive your day.

10) Support is even more sweet.

Our new online and help center launched earlier this month. In addition to unlimited, global support, JobAdder users can head straight to the “How can we help you” button on the right-hand side for step-by-step tips and tricks straight in JobAdder.

This is just a sampling of the great update’s we released recently in our last major update. Stay tuned for more JobAdder news.

Want to learn more?

Current JobAdder customers, reach out to the JobAdder Support Pirates for even more tips and tricks. Not a JobAdder customer? Request a demo to get an in-depth tour of these features and more!

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