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This Is What Video Interviews Tell You About Candidates

Stuart Read
4 Aug
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Written by guest author Josh Tolan.

Bad hires. They’re a recruiter’s worst nightmare. You think you’ve found the perfect candidate for a position after spending time and resources vetting them. But within a few months, you’re back at it trying to find a new person to fill the job, wondering how a costly bad hire got past you.

According to a 2015 Brandon Hall survey, 69 percent of companies blame problems with the interview process as having the biggest impact on quality of hire. Although many believe the traditional process is the best way to get to know job candidates and their qualifications, it allows a lot to slip through the cracks. And if you’re only using in-person interviews when hiring, you’re going to continue to get subpar employees.

Adding video interviews to the process provides a new level of insight that will tell you what a candidate is really like. With a more in-depth understanding of what talent is actually like, you can make better hiring decisions and avoid costly bad hires.

Here are three insights only video interviews can give you about candidates:

1. How well they plan

A 2015 Burning Glass survey found that, across industries, organizational, planning, and time management skills were among the top 20 skills employers are looking for in employees. However, it’s difficult to assess those qualities in an traditional interview. Whether or not they show up time is your only indication of whether they have those skills.

With video interviews, there are multiple signs that tell you how organized candidates are and how well the plan their time. Since the candidate has complete control over where and when they record their responses, their choices say a lot. For example, seeing messy dishes in the background or hearing loud noises shows the candidate didn’t take the time to find a clean, quiet place for the interview.

Pay attention to the environment in video interviews. Look for signs that the candidate put thought and effort into where they recorded. What you see will give you a good idea of how well they plan things out.

2. Their professionalism

Being able to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner is incredibly important. In fact, in a 2016 National Association of Colleges and Employees survey, employers ranked professionalism a 4.7 out of five as an essential career competency. Yet, people who come into interviews in a suit and tie still show up for their first day of work in blue jeans and a wrinkled shirt.

Since video interviewing is still relatively new, their rules of decorum are less defined or well-known. Everyone knows you dress to impress for an in-person interview, but what about one you record in your living room? Do you send a thank-you note after submitting your responses?

Candidates who are dressed professionally in video interviews are taking the process and the position seriously. Taking the time to iron a shirt even though you’re not leaving the house is a good indicator of how professional someone is.

3. Accurate perspective

When you’re trying to fit multiple in-person interviews into your schedule, it leaves little time to make well-thought-out hiring decisions. In fact, a 2015 study published in the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology found 52 percent of interviewers make their decisions within five to 15 minutes of the interview. Interviews that occur later in the day are also given less consideration.

Making such quick or rash decisions leads to hiring mistakes. But since you want to make your choices while the interview is fresh in your mind, there isn’t another option with traditional interviews. Video interviews, however, can be reviewed later on.

Take your time to think about different candidates and then rewatch their responses to confirm your initial impression was correct. You can also share the interviews of top candidates with other members of your team so they can provide their opinions on how candidates actually compare. That extra perspective will up the chances of hiring the right person.

Interviewing job seekers is a great way to learn more about them and assess their qualifications. However, in-person interviews by themselves limit the number of insights you can gather. By incorporating video interviews you get a better idea of who each candidate is.

What are some other employment factors that can only be revealed through video interviews? Share in the comments below!

BIO: Josh Tolan is the CEO of Spark Hire, a video interview solution used by more than 3,000 companies across the globe. Connect with Spark Hire on Facebook and Twitter.


Image Source: Pexels

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