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Announcing JobAdder’s Integration with VideoMyJob

Stuart Read
2 Jun
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In good news for recruiters everywhere, JobAdder and VideoMyJob have confirmed their joint integration, which will see recruiters better engage with top talent via video.

This integration has been announced in a Press Release issued by both parties.

Of the new integration, JobAdder CEO Brett Iredale had this to say: “In a world of increasing talent shortages, Job seekers want more visibility into potential companies before they apply for a role. Video adds a tremendous amount of insight and perspective into an employer that a plain text job ad cannot.”

VideoMyJob is a new, recruitment-based app that allows users to create, edit and share video job ads with ease. These videos are highly customisable and designed to facilitate a quality, lasting interaction between recruiter and job seeker, helping to bring jobs to life.

Thanks to this integration with VideoMyJob, JobAdder users will now be able to record a branded video to be published alongside their job ads. Once the VideoMyJob app is activated, users simply record a video and select the relevant job vacancy it’s to accompany – or create a new one – then publish it onto all selected job boards and social media sites.

Using VideoMyJob is an easy way for businesses to make their brand and job vacancies stand out from the crowd.

David Macciocca, CEO and founder of VideoMyJob says, “We are genuinely excited to collaborate with JobAdder, they are a real recruitment industry leader and a partner that shares our passion for innovation.”

Like JobAdder, VideoMyJob is entirely cloud-based and accessible on any mobile device, giving a significant competitive advantage to the modern recruiter on the go!

To find out more about this integration, or about either company, please contact VideoMyJob at or JobAdder at

JobAdder is a long-standing advocate of incorporating video technology into recruitment, read our latest article on video.

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