What do YUDU?

Grace Orchard
20 Feb
Reading time: 1 minute
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If you’re in New Zealand, or simply desire to further your recruiting reach, JobAdder’s latest job board integration is the recently launched, innovative career platform YUDU.  

With it’s bright, cheerful and energetic vibe, the site is sure to attract fresh faces, and to re engage any candidates who may have gotten lost in the stacks.

Still not sure what YUDU?

Yudu is an innovative platform that is so much more than a job board!

Benefit from NZME’s 3.3 Million multi-media audience and expand your reach through 12 niche industry specific segments that ensure your listings get in front of the right candidate. Yudu provides more than just job listings; it’s full of the very best content to attract the candidates that you are looking for and appeals to both passive and active candidates.

Our platform is easier and faster to use – our advanced tools, ensure you can be quicker, more efficient, and more effective in attracting the best talent from a competitive market. Enjoy modern architecture that can be easily updated to ensure that candidates and advertisers consistently have the best tools at their fingertips.

Watch YUDU’s video here or Contact YUDU for more information.

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