3 Things You Missed at Last Night’s General Assembly Event

Stuart Read
8 Apr
Reading time: 3 minutes
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General Assembly, together with Eventbrite, brought a room full of eager marketers and event planners a truckload of ideas to think about at last night’s talk about how to create killer events with hype and marketing buzz.

We left feeling buzzed and noticed that a lot of the concepts and tactics discussed are applicable to recruitment.

The event was fronted by a panel of three industry experts – Sally Hill, founder of Wildwon, Tina Walsberger, head of marketing at Sydney Festival and Murray Bell, founder of Semi Permanent – who each shared some really inspiring, thought-provoking advice based on personal experiences, pitfalls and insight.

If you’re kicking yourself for missing out, fear not, here are our top 3 ideas from the night.

  1. The Upside Down Marketing Funnel

Learning about a principle called the upside down marketing funnel was one of the most valuable take outs of the night. Sally introduced us to this concept, which in a nutshell is about making the largest investment in a small group of clients that are closest to the business. That small group represents the smallest tier in the funnel and when you’ve “treated them like family” and captivated them with high quality output, they’ll bring you your next group of clients.

Recruiters can benefit from adopting this principle by assigning top candidates into a hot list or folder to work closely with and make perfect placements for, rather than spreading themselves thin across a larger group with a lower rate of success.

  1. Grab A Piggyback Ride

Tina raised a strong point that’s relevant for all small businesses. For those of us – most of us! – who aren’t backed by a huge marketing machine, Tina pointed out the benefit of buddying up with a larger, more established organisation whose mailing lists, industry experience and contacts can be leveraged to expand your business and amplify your brand’s presence.

Recruitment companies can do just this too by signing up for membership of industry bodies, such as the RCSA. Submitting your business for awards such as those run by The Global Recruiter and Recruitment International is also an effective way to raise your company’s profile.

  1. Audience First, You Second

All speakers last night reiterated the importance of thinking about your audience before rolling out any event, piece of comms or marketing collateral. Not thinking enough about who you’re trying to engage and segregating your messaging accordingly is one of the main reasons some outreach attempts fall flat or take a one-way train to the graveyard where ideas go to die.

For the savvy recruiter, ensure each and every job ad is customised specifically for the applicant you’re trying to recruit. Posting on a general job board could be less effective than posting to a specific one that will deliver your ideal candidate.

A Thursday night well spent with free beers to top it off 🙂

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