Where will you be working in 2 years?

Brett Iredale
2 Jun
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Over the last few years we have experimented with remote working by enabling a few key, experienced staff to work from the locations of their dreams.

These include;

  • Briana in Ubud, Indonesia
  • Jessica in Hobart, Tasmania
  • Claire in Newcastle
  • Steve at Lake Macquarie
  • and soon to be Shaun in London.

2 years into our rolling experiment and I am delighted to be able to declare the project a runaway success.   More and more Adders are now thinking hard about where they would like to work from.  Likely destinations include South of France, Turks and Caicos, Chile and more. (Notice how the destinations are getting more exotic now that we know how easy it is?).

I am not sure how far this will go and what percentage of staff will eventually end up working “remotely”,  however we are definitely going to go for the ride and see where it ends up.  All of our systems are cloud based, so all a person needs to be able to work remotely is a reliable internet connection, a laptop, a sense of adventure, and a great work ethic.

JobAdder Team Survey

With our Sydney office lease coming up for renewal in 2016 we decided to survey all staff to get a feel for where and how people most like to work. For those interested, here are the complete results.




Flexible working is here to stay.

These are exciting times for flexible, web enabled businesses.  The new generation of employees are far more adventurous and open minded about how, where and when they work.   Schlepping it into a boring office every day in smelly, crowded public transport really does seem like an old fashioned, soul destroying pursuit when compared to working in an open sided thatched roof hut in tropical paradise.

In JobAdder’s case it is safe to say that our offices in 2 years from now will be very different to what they are today.


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