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How to Win Friends and Find Talent on Slack

Stuart Read
8 May
Reading time: 5 minutes
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Here at JobAdder we love Slack – it supports our wildly successful remote working arrangements and is the powerhouse behind our Innovators Network (email me at to join ? ).
But I’ll let you in on another secret – Slack is fast becoming a gold mine for talent sourcing!

For the uninitiated, Slack is a cloud-based communication app that facilitates collaboration by bringing all messages and files into one easy to search space (the Giphy function can bring a few lols to your day as well!).


Slack GIF


There are a couple of levels to Slack communication:

  1. Slack Communities are groups of users that are united by a common goal or interest
  2. Slack Channels can be private or open and facilitate discussion within a community around a certain topic
  3. Direct Messages can be one-to-one or group messages that are used for private conversations

This is a product that is designed to do one job – team communication – and it does it very, very well!

Here’s why you should care about Slack:

  • More than three million people use Slack every single day
  • It’s where the gainfully employed talent plays (who now increasingly ignore LinkedIn messages and noise…)
  • It supports a more intimate style of conversation about a topic of mutual interest (that is lost on platforms like LinkedIn)
  • You can engage with candidates in real time on a platform that is convenient for both parties (there’s a web app for desktop junkies and mobile app for candidates on the go)

Like they say “it’s not what you have, it’s what you do with it…” and here are a few key ways that recruiters can leverage Slack to mine and build talent communities:

#1 Join existing Slack Communities related to your industry

With more than three million people using Slack every single day the number of industry-related Slack communities (think of these as online MeetUp groups) is growing at a rapid rate. As you’d expect, the number is heavily concentrated within the tech sector – but there’s a surprising amount of non-tech related communities cropping up across HR, Finance and Marketing.
To get you started, here is a list of some of the biggest Slack Communities across a range of different industries:

Roles/Industries Slack Community
UX Design Designer Hangout
Product Managers Product Manager HQ
HR #people
Developers #developers
iOS Developers iOS Developers HQ
QA #testing
Marketers #CreativeTribes
Growth Hackers Growmance
Finance Finances
Customer Service Customer Retention/Happiness
Remote Workers Nomad List

And that’s just the start, there are literally thousands of Slack communities ready to be discovered!

Top tips for mining Slack Communities for talent:

  • ?  Join the conversation: Don’t be afraid to dive in and join the conversation in different channels, it can help you to establish rapport with potential candidates and develop your identity as an authority in your field.
  • ?  Try not to go in too hot:  The ‘general’ channel is typically not an appropriate place for advertising job opportunities, but many communities have a dedicated ‘Jobs/Career’ channel. If the community in mind doesn’t have one, speak to admin about starting one up.
  • ?️  Make use of Search: All content within Slack is searchable – including member profiles! You can also search through conversations and files shared throughout the community.
  • ?  Don’t be afraid to DM a unicorn: If you come across a member profile that looks like a great fit for one of your roles don’t be afraid to direct message them and introduce yourself!


#2 Build your own Slack community

Can’t seem to find an existing Slack community for your industry or location? Here’s the chance to build one yourself! To get started you’ll need to:

  • ⭐️  Create an identity: This includes a name for your Slack community (e.g. #SydneySoftwareEngineers), creating channels around topical areas of discussion, and content to get the Slack chatter started.
  • ??  Build trust: You’re building a community here so again keep job listings to a dedicated Jobs/Careers channel – you can move these conversations with candidates to direct messages once they have shown interest in the specific role.
  • ? Reward members:  Make sure that the conversations and content posted on channels is engaging and on topic, and reward members with invitations to industry meetups or events.


#3 Build your own Talent Brand Slack community

You can also use Slack to build your own Talent Brand Community! Repeat the steps listed above to create your own community (e.g. #JobadderCareers) to foster real-time communication between your recruitment team and candidates who are interested in learning more about roles advertised.

Slack can also be used to close the loop internally, from implementing a referral channel for roles you are looking to fill – to announcing new hires! ? ?

Don’t be Slack – give this new talent sourcing technique a try!

In conclusion:

Slack Pic


And if you’re already a Slack recruiting Ninja give me a shout at – I’d love to hear about your experiences and tactics.

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