If you write job ads for a living then buy yourself Textio for Christmas

Brett Iredale
10 Dec
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You know when every so often you see a product that makes you want to rip your pants off and run around in circles shouting “LOOK AT THIS!!  LOOK WHAT I JUST FOUND!!!”?

The last 2 products that had this effect on me were Uber and the Ninja IQ blender.  I have sold more Uber and Ninja Blenders this year than you can poke a stick at.  In my opinion every human on the planet needs both of these things immediately.  (By the way, get a Ninja under your tree this year.  Just do it).

It is rare to feel like this about a product in recruitment, but this year I did when I tried Textio.

Textio helps you write better job ads by highlighting strengths and weaknesses in your ad, explaining what might be wrong and suggesting improvements.  On the left hand side you get an overall score, a summary of strengths and weaknesses and then if you hover over each highlighted phrase it explains why that phrase is highlighted and how you might improve it.  The first ad I loaded into Textio scored 28 out of 100.  By the 3rd ad I had my score up to 94.

In a world of poorly written, uninspiring job advertisements, Textio gives you the knowledge you need to make your ads stand out from the crowd.

Treat yourself to a free trial and see what you think..


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