Candidate Care

Deliver exceptional candidate care every time using JobAdder’s recruitment software platform to manage and automate your candidate experience and communication.

Your candidates deserve a great experience

Talent attraction starts with your employer brand

Using JobAdder’s simplified technology, your focus can be on providing the best candidate experience during the recruitment process.
With communication being a constant source of frustration for candidates, keep the lines open, whether you’re a recruitment agency or a corporate HR team. JobAdder intuitively creates tasks based on your actions and prompts you to follow up when you said you would. Take the stress out of managing all your recruitment activities, contacts, notes, files, and tasks.

Customise your recruitment workflow and communication

Build a hiring workflow that engages candidates at every stage

Ensure your candidates receive a consistently high level of care and communication regardless of who handles them. Tailor your recruitment workflow to match your hiring process, create email templates and setup auto-response messages.
Automatically trigger tasks and follow up reminders to make sure all candidates receive feedback during the interview process and on the outcome of their application.

Stop losing top talent over long hiring processes

Collaborate better with hiring managers and reduce your time to hire

Share your shortlist with hiring managers with one click. They can review the shortlist, click to expand resumes and provide feedback that is automatically fed directly back into JobAdder. Let JobAdder simplify your team collaboration so you can be focused on work that adds real value.
It makes it a lot easier when you’re just told the truth; this is what the product will do… A big factor for myself was having that support there whilst implementing.

Jackson Keatinge

Cancer Council Australia

It’s easy to do onboarding well with JobAdder

A great onboarding process set new employees up for success

Set candidates up for success by using one of our onboarding partners to create an awesome first impression. Have payroll, super and other paperwork sorted before they start, get insight into their personality and surprise them on day one with their favourite 3pm snack.

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