Powerful Candidate Search

Maximises your sourcing reach and depth to find the best candidate quickly. Advertise at scale, reach hard to find candidates, better leverage your existing database and place more candidates.

Advanced Candidate Search

Don't pay to acquire candidates that are already on your database

A common mistake many recruitment agencies make is spending money to source candidates who are already in their candidate database. Do you share this frustration?
With JobAdder’s advanced candidate search on desktop and mobile app, you can save time and money by capitalising on candidates who are already in JobAdder rather than automatically advertising and sourcing for every open job.
Use our customised ‘find your top 10 candidates’ function to surface resumes similar to an uploaded one.

Features to help you Search Efficiently

Jobadder's Intuitive interface makes it easy to get the information you need quickly

Easily save advanced searches on both desktop and mobile versions of JobAdder, so you can quickly refresh common searches.
Use desktop search to organise candidates into talent pools, build pipelines for upcoming vacancies and send targeted correspondence to selected users.

Automated Candidate matching

Surface relevant candidates without lifting a finger

When a job is posted, candidates from JobAdder who closely match the job requirements are displayed. See some you like? Contact them with the click of a button. Easy, simple sourcing.

Search on the go, on any device

Simple mobile navigation that gives fast access to recent jobs or people

JobAdder’s mobile recruiting app moves with you, so you don’t have to slow down. Access click to call, text or email within the mobile app so you can get on with the things you need to do.

Enriched Candidate Data Using Social profiles

JobAdder enriches your database automatically using candidate social profiles

Get a richer understanding of each candidate with JobAdder. Candidate records are automatically matched and linked to their social media profiles, giving you extra insight into their personality and suitability.