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JobAdder helps Empower Construction recruit across teams

“We wanted to find something that helped us keep all information in one place and also track the process and the stage we’re at with candidates… JobAdder is a one-stop shop solution.”
Establishment Manager at Empower Construction
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Building Construction
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Empower Construction was founded in 2007 by Ryan Steyn and is now the largest lightweight installation construction company in Australia. Empower Construction offer a unique take on the construction industry: instead of building houses, they supply builders with lightweight external cladding. Rather than using traditional materials such as brick and cement, they provide innovative infrastructural solutions with lightweight, aerated concrete.

The products that Empower Construction supply and install are not only more environmentally friendly, but they also provide better insulation for the consumer than brick.

While it takes a number of weeks or months to build the average home, it takes only a number of days to build houses with Empower Construction’s products. Establishment Manager Vicky Lydon heads up in-house recruitment at Empower Construction. Having worked with Excel spreadsheets and physical documents and notes in the past for recruitment, Vicky explains that their company was looking for an online system to centralise their processes, “We wanted to find something that helped us keep all information in one place and also track the process and the stage we’re at with candidates.” Maintaining clarity about each candidate’s stage of application is particularly important for Vicky, as she often advertises for the same kinds of roles – skilled labourers such as Carpenters and Painters – but for different site teams.

Empower Construction’s site teams are located throughout NSW, from Newcastle in the North right down to Sydney & Wollongong.

Being able to post the same job ad to multiple job sites at once has enabled Vicky to be more efficient when sourcing for these site roles and has reduced the instance of double handling.

Another feature of JobAdder that has become a valuable recruitment tool for Empower Construction is the ability for applications received via email to be pushed through to JobAdder, where a candidate profile is created.
“JobAdder is a one-stop shop solution,” said Vicky.


The biggest highlight of using JobAdder for Vicky has been the amount of time she saves thanks to the recruitment platform. Instead of manually copy and pasting a job ad onto 10 different job sites, each with different logins, she is able to publish the same job ad to whatever combination of platforms is appropriate for that role. As a result, recruitment requires less time for Vicky and she is able to divide up her time evenly between other elements of her role, such as payroll and meetings.


As Empower Construction win more projects, they continue to reinvent and reshape the Australian construction industry.

Empower Construction’s company mission – to empower others to achieve – is especially pertinent to Vicky’s role in the HR department, as she continues to source top talent far and wide with JobAdder.

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