ESSSuper is a not-for-profit superannuation fund that serves state and emergency services employees in Victoria, Australia.

ESS Super

ESSSuper is a not-for-profit superannuation fund that serves state and emergency services employees in Victoria, Australia. Originally founded in 1925 to manage flexi state super schemes, ten years ago the company merged with another fund that manages emergency services superannuation and became ESSSuper.

The merging of these two successful businesses has resulted in the provision of superannuation services to current and former state government employees such as teachers as well as to heroes on the frontline such as police, firefighters and paramedics.

ESSSuper are a self-administered fund with a business mix that covers all aspects of funds administration, investment management, governance, technology and highly specialised general and personal financial advice.

The JobAdder Solution

When ESSSuper adopted JobAdder 2 years ago, the fundamental aspects of JobAdder – such as automated job posting, candidate tracking and the ability to screen resumes quickly – were of huge assistance. Nowadays, HR executives Jim Harrison and Kiera Yule share recruiting responsibilities. JobAdder allows Jim and Kiera to have shared visibility of roles in the pipeline and a clear history of information, including their status of progress with various stakeholders.

What is really valuable for the HR team at ESSSuper is the ability to extrapolate insights from JobAdder and turn them into actionable ways to optimise their recruiting activities.

The Benefits

Jim explained, “Being able to easily measure things like time to hire, cost of hiring and volume of activity has enabled us to make better decisions how and when we engage with the market to get the best outcomes. From this, we can leverage suppliers, build a knowledge base of our activity and make better choices about when we invest in external suppliers to support us and when we can expect to get great outcomes by engaging directly with the candidate market.” Jim continued, “JobAdder also makes it easy to measure and generate information about applications we get through internal channels and referrals. We can measure the effectiveness with which we’ve communicated to get those applications.”

Of the usability of the JobAdder platform, Jim said, “The dashboard is excellent. It’s very easy to tailor or configure it to your needs.”


The consistent variety of new features, updates and improvements is a key highlight for ESSSuper. As a busy team with many different responsibilities, any additions to their key recruiting platform need to be valuable and easy to adopt. “What JobAdder does wonderfully well is the agility with which they introduce new features, communicate that that new feature is there and then guide the user on how to engage with it – the videos, pop-ups, whatever it happens to be – that really works and it’s a point of difference. They provide a ton of stuff but still manage to keep it simple.”

Looking ahead at the next 12 months, ESSSuper are making large investments in the products and services offered to members and further enhancing how members access these offerings via their website, apps and online members portal.

On the HR front, Jim and Kiera are focussed on finding new ways to engage talent both from within and from outside the business to bring energy and enthusiasm to these initiatives.

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