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Hacer Group

Hacer Group delivers innovation & excellence through projects

“Overall just the general functions JobAdder enables you to do are great – from reporting to using the search functions, to accessing people quickly – it’s all available at the click of a finger.”
HR Manager at Hacer Group
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Property Design and Construction
Client Since:

For the past 17 years, Hacer Group have been providing businesses and individuals with premium end-to-end property and design services. By building from start to finish, Hacer Group guarantee the consistency, quality and cost efficiency of every single project they carry out.

Hacer Group complete projects for private and corporate clients, as well as multi-million dollar developments for the likes of Woolworths, Coles, AMP and Palace Cinemas.

As Hacer Group provide a broad spectrum of construction services, from conceptualisation through to execution, they recruit across all areas of the industry.

For Hacer Group’s HR Manager Claire Wall, this means recruiting for a variety of roles such as Construction Managers, Site Managers, Designers and Estimators.

Claire receives job applications predominantly from Hacer Group’s careers website, as well as from job boards and referrals.

She also works closely with a number of agencies in order to source more specialised roles, and as such, is often inundated with CVs, applications and references. JobAdder makes it easy for Claire to stay on top of all of this recruitment documentation by acting as both CV library and contact database, and as a reliable resource tracker.

The ability to store all candidates and applications in one accessible location has cut average recruiting time in half for Hacer Group. “Being able to store all of our candidates in a systematic way has been the biggest benefit for us,” Claire said.

One of the features that attracted Hacer Group to JobAdder was the fact that it is integrated with a diverse mix of major job boards and advertising platforms.

Over the period of time from when they first adopted JobAdder until now, Hacer Group have found increasing value in JobAdder’s advertising and recruitment reporting features. Claire expands, “Interaction with JobAdder is easy, the Support Centre is amazing and overall just the general functions it enables you to do are great – from reporting to using the search functions, to accessing people quickly – it’s all available at the click of a finger.”


One of Hacer Group’s favourite features of JobAdder is the ‘Ideal Position’ search option. If they need to source someone in Project Management, they can simply enter that criteria into JobAdder’s ‘Ideal Position’ field to get a list of Project Managers.

This feature helps draw attention to talent across the board – both new applicants and candidates who have been in their database for a while and who may otherwise have been overlooked.


Hacer Group continue to deliver innovation and excellence through their diverse range of projects.

JobAdder continues to support Hacer Group’s recruitment as they grow, making it possible to source some of the strongest most diverse talent the industry has to offer.

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