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JobAdder supports MAYDAY with challenge of multiple placements

“Everything we’ve ever wanted or thought we needed has always been there or is coming soon. We’ve never really had an opportunity to think, oh gosh I wish it did this.”
Co-Founder & Director at MAYDAY Recruitment
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MAYDAY Recruitment is the product of 3 exceptionally experienced Directors. With over 30 years of experience between them, MAYDAY is a boutique high-performance agency with one key difference- the care factor. Founded in July 2016, MAYDAY has grown to a team of 15 in its first two years and is still growing.

With a focus on both temporary and permanent roles in office support, insurance, call centre, finance, HR and marketing MAYDAY offer a total office recruitment solution.

The Challenge

Each of the directors at MAYDAY had used different systems over the course of their career, with varying experience of having used JobAdder before. Being a fast-paced agency with a high volume of placements MAYDAY needed a system that could manage the recruitment volume- simple and elegantly.

After evaluating several solutions, for its ease of use, affordability and value for money JobAdder was the perfect fit. “It’s so simple to use,” said Katrina Docherty, Co-Founder and Director at MAYDAY.

The JobAdder Solution

MAYDAY make an estimated 100+ placements per month and have placed over 3,000 candidates through JobAdder. “Making 30 placements at any one time, we couldn’t do it without a quick way to make multiple placements”, stated Katrina. When asked to elaborate on how the team have found using JobAdder over the last two years, Katrina commended JobAdder for its constant innovation and continual improvement. “Everything we’ve ever wanted or thought we needed has always been there or is coming soon. We’ve never really had an opportunity to think, ‘oh gosh I wish it did this.’”

“JobAdder for us… every time we have thought it could be really handy if it could do this – you then say it’s coming soon!”

The Benefit

As MAYDAY continues to grow, the strong foothold JobAdder has in the industry has had an impact on onboarding for any new staff; chances are they have already used JobAdder as a recruitment management system at another agency and can hit the ground running from day one.

The dashboard, the ability to make multiple placements simultaneously, messaging candidates through the platform, quick add buttons and social media integrations such as Linkedin, are just a few of the features the team could not survive without.


  • High volume of placements
  • Ease of use
  • Fast data transfers and input
  • Simple communication
  • Easily add users as you go

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