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MFC migrates from Excel spreadsheets to full RMS solution

“The Support Team have been just fantastic in terms of responding so quickly, the online chat is great.”
Human Resources Business Partner at MFC
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The monumental Melbourne Football Club (MFC) was founded in 1858. For those non-aficionado’s of the sport, MFC is the oldest club in the Australian Football League (AFL) and is said to be one of the early founders for the rules of the game. For over 160 years, the club has supported and promoted the sport of AFL to the benefit of thousands of Australians.

With close to 200 staff, MFC is a busy and bustling organisation with staff in roles ranging from Athlete support (such as physiotherapists and massage therapists), to those supporting the MFC in Media, Sales and other commercial positions.

The Challenge

As the manager of People and Diversity at MFC, Kelly Bembridge manages large projects through to the day- to-day transactional HR activities, such as recruitment, onboarding, training, OHS, contracts and anything legal or IR related. With the help of one other staff member the power team of two are the actioning force behind recruitment at MFC.

Of the system in place before JobAdder, MFC used a massive excel document for recruitment and HR tracking.

Time consuming to update, and to keep track of, the system wasn’t sustainable.

After being recommended JobAdder by another of our clients, MFC investigated and found JobAdder would fit into their workflow as it could be integrated with their HRIS software- Employment Hero. It also allowed them to easily screen and track candidates and above all, it was easy to use and implement. The choice to implement JobAdder “just made sense,” said Kelly.

The JobAdder Solution

“The beauty of JobAdder is that I’ve been able to back out of recruitment entirely. Caity runs it completely, and it’s meant that she’s learning in the HR space and I can focus on the most important aspects of my role.”

Before JobAdder it could take up to 2 months to place a candidate; a long time for a role to be vacant. Screening their average of 500 applicants could take 2-3 weeks, before progressing to interview stage which could take another 2-3 weeks. It’s estimated with JobAdder this time has been cut down by approximately 50%, to 4 weeks to place.

The biggest time saver for MFC, has been the Screening Tool. When screening a large pool of candidates, the ability to eliminate unsuitable candidates without having to go through every single resume is crucial to saving time, money and prevent loss of productivity. From screening, shortlisted candidates can be sent to the hiring manager for review, all from within JobAdder.

MFC also uses JobAdder as a Talent Pool; searching and identifying potential candidates for new and upcoming role vacancies.

“Because our referrals come through email and sync directly with JobAdder”, highlighted Kelly, the Outlook Sync is another loved favourite at MFC.

Training & Support

Both Kelly and Caity attended new user training with a specialised session for Caity. Kelly said, of going through the process as a team, that it was really useful as they can help each other to solve any troubleshooting issues.

“Very easy platform to use.”

With regards to Support, Kelly said: “They’ve been just fantastic in terms of responding so quickly, the online chat is great!”

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