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Winning Group customises workflow for their processes

“Whenever there is a new piece of HR or recruitment tech, JobAdder is the first ATS that they integrate with…”
HR Business Partner at Winning Group
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Client Since:

With humble beginnings back in 1906, Winning Group has four consumer brands under its umbrella; Winning Appliances, Appliances Online, Home Clearance and Winning Services. Winning Appliances is a 4th generational family business.

Focused on delivering the best of the best, it has prompted a focus on machine learning. It’s online only division ‘Appliances Online’, has encouraged the natural progression into building the company’s technology team. More than just a leading appliance specialist, Winning Group is fast positioning itself as a technology firm. Winning Group recruits for positions across the board; Head Office, the Technology division, which includes any role from UX/UI to Developers, Marketing, Administrationand Sales (store and contact centre).

The Challenge

With 700 staff and growing, Winning can have approximately 30 open roles at any one time and be placing sometimes 20-25 people a month.

Over the last 12 months the HR team and the recruitment team of 3, have progressively transformed their JobAdder to “work in a more uniform, succinct way” advised Ravi Depala, HR Business Partner at Winning Group. Prior to JobAdder, and in the early days of using the platform, the team used an Excel Spreadsheet for record keeping. Acknowledging the difficulty which comes from managing more than one record keeping system, the team now use JobAdder effectively as a CRM – all records are kept together as a key source of truth.

The JobAdder Solution

For Winning, it has been a careful and meticulous process to ensure they have the right workflows in place.

As they have discovered new functionalist of JobAdder as a team, they have customised their workflow to match their unique company processes. By making small progressive changes over time, such as adding and removing custom fields, they now recognise what JobAdder is really capable of. It has been hands-on learning as a team and “working with the system to see what works and what doesn’t” said Ravi.

The Benefits

The Mobile App and access to JobAdder from anywhere has been really useful for the team. “I can log in wherever, whenever, at work, at home and if I’m travelling,” highlighted Ravi.

Add-ons and integrations (in particular using Employment Hero and the Gmail plugin) and constant improvements to the system has been another favourite for the team. The simplicity of use, customisability and the multiposting function are the most useful aspects of JobAdder to the Winning Group Recruitment team.

“The platform itself is pretty intuitive – we went to new user training – but predominantly we have learnt the system through hands-on learning and finding out what works and what doesn’t work for the team.”

Training & Support

  • Custom fields
  • Simple to use
  • Progressive learning
  • More cohesive and uniform work practices
  • Ease of access; can work from anywhere

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