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“We recently moved to JobAdder after being with our previous provider for 13 years. There was a lot of data to migrate and a lot of history there. But the team at JobAdder were fantastic. Greg and the data migration team were really supportive and was always there to respond to my calls and any questions that I had.”

Deborah McMillian

Director, ABRS - Barnardos Australia

Data migration explained

Can I import the data from my current system?

Absolutely! JobAdder regularly migrates data from countless recruitment systems including: Bullhorn, Maxhire, Sendouts, Bond Adapt, TRIS, FastTrack and Voyager to name but a few. In almost all circumstances our Data Analysts will have an effective method to migrate your data.

Can I cleanse old data?

Yes. Importing data into your new system is a great opportunity for a fresh, new start. One of the key points of difference between the JobAdder Data Analysis team and our competitors is that we will happily work with you to help you identify and purge old data during the migration process. Taking this opportunity to cleanse your database can significantly increase the success of the project and the productivity of your team with your new system.

How does migration work?

You will be assigned a Business Analyst, who will be the primary point of contact throughout the entire project.

You provide your recruitment data

The first step is getting a complete copy of your existing data for our team to analyse. Our Business Analyst will then work with you to ensure that your key data is correctly mapped to JobAdder.

We import your data into the sandbox environment

Once we have analyzed your data we will import it into a sandbox environment where you will be given access to a JobAdder account with your data in it.

You test your data

Your job is to then test the data import and let us know any discrepancies or issues. This stage is critical as you know your data much better than we ever could. It is crucial to the success of your data migration project that you assign resources to the testing process. If you are going to use recruiters for the testing it is highly recommended that they are given dedicated time away from their normal desk to perform this testing. If they are expected to test in and around their regular work then it will not get the priority it needs.

Additional data imports

Once testing is complete, and if there are issues to be resolved, our Data team will correct or update any issues found and re-import the data for your final sign off.


Once you have tested your data import you are required to sign off to say that all data has come across and is in the right fields etc. After you have signed off and your final go-live import has been completed and your account is live we cannot make any further changes to your imported data.


Following sign off on your data import we will schedule a go live date. Shortly before the go-live date you need to provide us a second and final complete copy of your data. We then import this data prior to your go-live date.

Frequently Asked Questions

No one knows your business and it’s processes as well as you! Help us to understand your data and the way that you use your current system so that we can tailor JobAdder to meet your needs. Whilst a data migration can sometimes be a complex process, rest assured that we handle the complexity. You require no technical background to work with us.
Of course! Your data is your property and we will organise it in a timely manner should you leave JobAdder.

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