Hacking HR

Hacking HR

Organiser: Hacking HR

  • November 29, 2019

Event Description

Hacking HR Forum is an event designed for HR and tech people across all industries. We are especially interested in mid to senior managerial level in HR and subject matter experts.

In Hacking HR Forum we talk about the applications of technology in HR and the latest trends in terms of demographic shifts, innovation, data science, among others.

Organiser Details

Hacking HR believes that HR can be the most important pioneer and trailblazer to propel organizations and their people forward into the future of work.

Their purpose in Hacking HR is simple: create the best HR that has ever existed. They are focused at the intersection of future of work, technology and HR.

How do they want to do that? By creating a global community of HR people interested in the future of work and the intersection of tech and HR, and providing the most valuable tools so that the community is 100% ready for the future of work. There’s never been a better time for HR in the history of business. It is our time!

Venue: College Boreal
Event starts: 6:00 pm
Event ends: 9:00 pm
Cost: Paid
Topic: HR Tech