YARNS LIVE | Morning Session

Organiser: Col Levander

May 23, 2019

Event Description

Recruitment Yarns is an Australian and New Zealand roadshow series hosted by some of the industry’s most well-known identities and industry partners. In its fourth year, this well established and popular event offers recruitment and staffing industry professionals an opportunity to explore fresh ideas and concepts for their business in conversation with hand-picked industry specialists with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

The morning session is geared towards recruitment professionals looking at further development in both their career and personally. The hosts’ topics of discussion at their roundtables, will be focused on equipping your team with the knowledge or tools that will enable them to THRIVE at work. The Yarns morning session is about learning, thriving, further development and empowerment!

Organiser Details

The concept of Recruitment Yarns was born in 2016 by our founder; Col Levander a 25-year veteran of the APAC recruitment industry. Col’s vision was to bring leaders together in an environment that encouraged open networking and collaboration without being ‘Sold to’ by suppliers and vendors like a typical conference setting.

Event starts: 8:30 am
Event ends: 12:00 pm
Cost: Paid
Topic: Recruitment and Networking