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FormAdder allows you to build forms that can create and edit the following record types in JobAdder.

documents Created with Sketch. Job Orders

Get all the information you need for a job before you start working on it. You can have job forms embedded on your website, or as a link to send to Hiring Managers to fill in.

new customers Created with Sketch. Onboarding

Collect critical information from candidates before they start work, such as uniform sizes, technology/hardware preferences or license and insurance details.

video interview Created with Sketch. Pre-Interview
Data Collection

Send candidates a link to your form to complete before they come in for an interview. Don’t make them sit in reception and fill in a paper form like they do at the dentist. That way, you have all the information you need to discuss in the interview, and save time asking basic questions about salary, start dates and notice periods.

compliance Created with Sketch. Compliance/Site Inspections/ Occupational Health & Safety Checks

Forms are ideal for compliance. If you currently do site inspections with candidates, for example, then you can replace your paper forms with an iPad form.

Forms can also be used to collect license details and other vital compliance information.

lightbulb copy 2 Created with Sketch. Expressions of Interest

Create a simple embedded form on your website to collect expressions of interest from people who want to work with you. These can be fed directly into a folder in JobAdder so that you can easily stay in touch.

personal-touch copy 2 Created with Sketch. Candidate Referrals

Put a referrals page on your website and allow anyone to refer great candidates to you.

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If you have a manual, paper-based process in your business today, there is a good chance FormAdder can replace it.

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