Recruitment glossary

What is a Data Breach?

A breach occurs if personal data is destroyed, lost, altered or if there is unauthorised disclosure of or access to personal data as a result of a breach of security. HR can mitigate the risk of security breaches by properly vetting candidates, accounting for equipment, training employees to identify and escalate potential issues or areas of breach and building and cultivating a culture of compliance.

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What is a Vendor Management System?

A Vendor Management System is a web-based application that offers businesses the ability to manage and procure temporary or permanent …

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What is Superannuation?

Superannuation is an organisational pension program created by a company for the benefit of its employees.

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What is Time to Fill?

Time to Fill is a metric used to measure the number of days it takes from a job requisition being …

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What is Time in Lieu?

Time in Lieu allows an employee to work overtime and then instead of being paid additional remuneration for working such …

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What is a Talent Pool?

A Talent Pool is a database of candidates who are interested in working for an organisation.

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What is a Talent Pipeline?

A Talent Pipeline is a pool of candidates who are ready to fill a position. The pool can be employees …

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