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31st Dec

ActionHRM provides full employee lifecycle HRM solutions that help midsize companies increase employee productivity, improve compliance and reduce HR costs.

JobAdder’s integration with ActionHRM will ensure that all candidate data flows both ways, reducing the need to re-enter information for Salary & Benefit Management, Time & Attendance Management, Expense Claim Processing, Talent & Performance Management, Training & Development (including SCORM package management), and Workplace Health & Safety.

This integration makes it easier for JobAdder users to automate their Human Resource Management. ActionHRM is easy to administer post-go-live, that a single HR manager can control and uplift processes for organisations with up to 1,000 employees!

Voice Call Software
31st Dec

Aircall is a powerful phone system that is fully integrated into JobAdder, allowing users to keep their phone activity in sync with their ATS. Connect Aircall and JobAdder for instant access to your customer’s details the moment your phone rings.

Get customer details from JobAdder before you pick up the phone. No need to say: “give me a minute while I pull up your information.” With Aircall, the customer’s name, email, company name and a tracking number will be displayed on the screen along with links to the customer page.

For more information or to book a demo, contact Aircall here.

Chat, SMS, Text & Messaging
31st Dec

Being able to find top talent & growth opportunities can mean the difference between make or break in any business. 

AiRecruiter’s aim is to help recruiters find the best talent faster by helping you maximize every relationship and conversation to nurture and grow your most valuable asset: your candidate database. AiRecruiter automates conversations with candidates and clients to find the growth opportunities for your business. AiRecruiter and JobAdder seamlessly integrate, meaning that you can import Jobs from JobAdder, sync records via chatbot, or create outreach lists via the Actions menu in JobAdder. Chatbot responses display in your AiRecruiter dashboard, and the Notes tab of Candidate records in JobAdder.

Background & Reference Checks
31st Dec
AIS International

AIS International offers a range of in-depth, international background screening services, designed to give you the same peace of mind, no matter where your business and hiring takes you. AIS International’s core business is International Criminal & Financial verifications to various Government, Private, Commercial, Industrial & NFP organisations around the world via their web-based portals.

AIS uses a sophisticated suite of tools and decades of professional investigative experience to access detailed information about your potential employee or contractor.

Information is carefully analyzed, vetted, and verified. This means that when you receive your applicant’s report, you can rest assured that it’s accurate and reliable.

Contact Details

Sales Support Contact

Len Hayward
0404 453 280

Technical Support Contact

Gabriel Palma
0409 524 016

Video Interviewing
31st Dec
Alcami Interactive

Alcami Interactive is a next-generation, on-demand digital video interviewing platform. Their elegant and easy to use technology helps organisations screen hundreds of candidates in record time while providing an exceptional candidate experience, in a fully branded portal.

Alcami Interactive provides organisations and JobAdder users with a competitive advantage in the modern talent marketplace. They remove the need for manual, inefficient telephone screens and replace them with a rich video interview platform.

With a strong focus on the candidate experience, candidates can take the interview at any time, in any location, on any device and can start the interview with a single click.

This integration empowers companies and JobAdder users to win the war for talent by providing a platform to assess and select talent through the use of structured video interviewing software, and the use of artificial intelligence.

Productivity for Recruiters
31st Dec

With Allsorter, you no longer need to spend time reformatting resumes. Send a resume to Allsorter from the Candidates grid in JobAdder, and Allsorter will extract the critical information from the resume and merge it into a customisable template, ensuring accuracy and consistency of resume presentation. 

When ready, you can import the formatted resume back into JobAdder, and it’ll display on the candidate’s record.

Billing & Invoicing
10th Apr

APositive are workforce experts, specialising in funding and back office solutions for recruitment, labour hire and other contingent labour industries.

Whether you’re starting or scaling your business, or just looking for some expert assistance, APositive has you covered. We offer a range of products designed to help business owners overcome cash flow or administrative hurdles, freeing them up to focus on what they do best.

Think of us as a partner. Our team of recruitment industry experts will join you on your journey to success, providing you with everything you need to build your business.

Websites for Recruiting
16th Jun

Applyflow is a recruitment website and job board solution purpose-built for recruiters to manage their website, job board, and online marketing, all while providing an unmatched candidate experience.

Harness the power of Applyflow’s market-leading recruitment website and job board technology, trusted by thousands of recruiters across more than 300 companies, in seamless integration with JobAdder.

Applyflow is a comprehensive recruitment marketing platform offering white-label job board software and recruitment websites with powerful job posting capabilities and easy-to-use tools for SEO, page building, custom forms, and more​. Its platform is purpose-built for recruitment agencies, staffing firms, and internal recruiters, empowering you to easily manage your recruitment website, job board, and online marketing​.

The integration with JobAdder is designed to eliminate manual data management between the two systems, providing a smoother and more efficient recruiting experience. With Applyflow’s white-label job board software, job ads posted from JobAdder can be synchronised to Applyflow, and candidate applications captured on Applyflow’s job board can be synced back to the JobAdder account. This saves time and effort and ensures a streamlined recruitment process and an optimised candidate experience.

Integrating Applyflow and JobAdder also offers sophisticated features such as two-way data synchronisation. This means when a candidate’s profile is updated on either JobAdder or Applyflow’s platform, the other one gets updated automatically. Additionally, the integration allows custom fields for transferring data into your JobAdder account from activity on your website. This data can come from various sources on your Applyflow website, including custom forms, screening questions, user registrations, and more.

Integration setup is included when you become an Applyflow customer, ensuring you receive a conversion-boosting website interface that integrates with your existing recruitment systems. The dedicated team of experts at Applyflow will design and develop your solution, promoting the best possible user candidate experience and up-to-date candidate records. They also assist with updating your integrations to match your new setup, driving your team to their full potential.

So why wait? Get started today and elevate your digital recruitment process with the Applyflow-JobAdder integration​.

For more information or to book a demo, contact Applyflow here.

Candidate Experience
31st Dec

AskNicely is a customer feedback software designed to help businesses collect firsthand feedback from customers and convert this information into actionable insights.

Once integrated with your existing CRM, AskNicely sends out surveys to your customers using an NPS (Net Promoter Score) framework and automatically feeds customer feedback directly to you. Unlike conventional survey platforms, AskNicely’s targeted optimisation features and automation result in high levels of engagement and a response rate that is 5 x above average.

By improving the customer experience, AskNicely allows businesses to retain customers, increase referrals and grow revenue.

Payroll Software
31st Dec
Astute Payroll

Astute Payroll’s award-winning software and outsourced payroll solutions assist the recruitment sector by automating the management of temporary and contracting on-hire employees – including compliance, induction, TFN submissions, online timesheets, expenses, award interpretation, invoicing and payroll.

Purpose built for the recruitment industry, Astute Payroll’s unique workflow tools improve cash flow, probity, reliability, and seamlessly integrate the front and back end of any recruitment business. Clients can choose one or more of the modules they need to manage an effort-free workforce and complete payroll, or they can select Astute Payroll’s Outsourced Payroll service and absolutely everything will be managed for them.

Astute Payroll effortlessly integrates with JobAdder. Once a placement is created in JobAdder, corresponding employee, client and job records are created in Astute Payroll ready for timesheets, payroll and invoicing. No more double-entering of placement information!

1st Mar
Manage your entire talent sourcing workflow on the platform.

Discover millions of hidden candidate profiles from 40+ social platforms in seconds with our AI Sourcing engine.

Share best-performing outreach messages with your team and, increase reply rates when approaching in-demand candidates via our chrome extension.

Strengthen your employer brand with potential future hires. Our multi-channel sequencing tool delivers a consistently memorable candidate experience.

Support DE&I throughout your hiring workflow with our holistic top-of-funnel data insights that track and analyse conversion metrics.

Request a demo here.

Candidate Experience
17th Mar

BambooHR is an all-in-one HR software platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses, enabling you to collect, maintain and analyse your people data to improve talent-hiring decisions, and the onboarding of new employees.

With BambooHR and JobAdder, you will be able to create a best-in-class candidate-to-employee experience. 

BambooHR is all-in-one HR software made for small and medium businesses and the people who work in them—like you. Our software makes it easy to collect, maintain, and analyze your people data, improve the way you hire talent, onboard new employees, manage compensation, and develop your company culture. It’s designed to set you free to focus on what matters most—your people.

Learn more here.

Websites for Recruiting
31st Dec
Biff Bang Pow

With a strong track record working with the recruitment industry, and having forged lasting relationships with internationally renowned recruitment agencies, Biff Bang Pow know how to place your agency front and centre with candidates and employers.

UK based with international clients, our flexible approach allows us to scale our workflow according to your budget and priorities.

Billing & Invoicing
20th Sep

Bilflo understands the need for integrated solutions, rather than end-to-end solutions. Bilflo was designed to integrate your front office (JobAdder) with back-office processes (time management, payroll and accounting), eliminating the need to manually enter data in multiple places.

Bilflo consolidates and tracks sales and recruiting activity, consolidates time and rates from various systems and unifies sales and gross profit data. With all of this data in one place, you get an accurate overview of your contractors, sales team members and organisational health.

Bilflo enhances your JobAdder account with:

  • Real-time, customised reporting and analytics
  • Limited back office management integration partners
  • Import bulk timekeeping
  • Adding custom pay bill items

Connect your JobAdder account with Bilflo by creating a Bilflo account here.

Billing & Invoicing
7th Dec

bobcheck autonomously tracks your candidates’ employment history for changes and it alerts you if candidates or clients have gone ‘behind your back’

The JobAdder and bobcheck integration enables agency owners to connect the two products, enabling a real tracking of their candidates’ movements.

It works silently in the background, so recruiters don’t have to do anything different. Connect through API and your ‘CV sent’ or ‘Interview arranged’ data will be automatically added to bobcheck.

With bobcheck, you can receive bi-weekly tracking and alerts, retaining candidate activity data from 6-12 months. You’ll then get flagged if a candidate you have introduced to your client appears at their organisation.

Register here to learn more.

13th May

Broadbean is the global leader in job distribution and recruitment advertising, connecting more than 7,000 job boards and 100+ ATS and CRM systems.

Brodbean conveniently allows you to multi-post your job advertisement from JobAdder to a huge network so you can cast your hiring net further.

JobAdder’s integration with Broadbean helps you post job ads to specialised job boards, directly through JobAdder without requiring multiple job board integrations.

For more information or to book a demo, contact Broadbean here.

Chat, SMS, Text & Messaging
31st Dec
Burst SMS

Burst SMS is an easy-to-use, smart SMS provider.

Burst SMS is used to convert email messages to SMS and to increase the overall speed and efficiency of business communications. Users can send SMS in bulk with Burst SMS, which is ideal for recruiters who regularly need to deliver the same kind of messages to groups of candidates.

Burst SMS can be used to send messages globally and its local platform is provided to users in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK and the US.

JobAdder users can receive SMS replies via a nominated email address or mobile number. SMS replies that are received via email are fed back into JobAdder and are created as a note on the system.

Productivity for Recruiters
31st Dec

Say goodbye to phone and email tag for finding the perfect meeting time with the Calendly x JobAdder integration.

Calendly works with your calendar to automatically check availability and help you connect with your candidates, colleagues, prospects and clients.

Chat, SMS, Text & Messaging
27th Nov

CallMantra is a cloud phone system built specifically for recruiters and recruiting managers. It is fully integrated into JobAdder, allowing recruiters to streamline their hiring process, deliver the smoothest candidate experience and make more placements.

Why recruiters love CallMantra:

  • Integrate with JobAdder with just one click.
  • Call 60+ candidates an hour with power dialing
  • Text 1:1 or send personalized text messages.
  • Automatically logs all calls, texts, recordings, and notes.
  • Call and text candidates directly from JobAdder.
  • See how recruiters are performing with real-time analytics.
  • Record and transcribe important calls and share them with recruiters.
  • Get more calls answered and build trust by displaying verified caller badge.
  • See what your recruiters calls look like on the candidates’ cell phone (flagged number monitoring)
  • Automatic un-flagging of recruiters’ numbers that are flagged by carriers as SPAM
  • Recruit and stay connected from anywhere, anytime with mobile and desktop apps and much more.

Get a free demo here.

Background & Reference Checks
31st Dec

Certn delivers fast, friendly and comprehensive background screening that helps organisations make fact-based hiring decisions, lower hiring costs and improve the user experience for applicants and recruiters. Available only to customers in US, Canada, UK and Europe.

With this direct integration, you can send a background check and receive the results without ever leaving the JobAdder platform.
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Productivity for Recruiters
31st Dec

Cronofy provides a unified calendar API that allows users to integrate their apps and services with Google, Apple, Exchange and many other calendar services without having to worry about which calendar service their customers use.

Users can focus on utilising Cronofy’s two-way calendar interaction to enhance the quality of their service and to embed their offering deep within the life of their customers. With Cronofy, users can schedule an interview from a job or candidate record without having to move back and forth between web browsers.

Background & Reference Checks
31st Dec

Pre-employment checks shouldn’t be arduous. Give your candidates the best possible experience with a fully branded portal that typically takes a candidate only minutes to complete everything they need to.

Join hundreds of organisations across the globe that are transforming the way they hire with Checkmate.

From domestic to international police authorities, global financial probity, immigration status or industry-specific licence requirements, Checkmate has you covered. All with a few clicks.

If you’re serious about creating a great candidate experience, then there’s no easier way to manage candidate reference checking and pre-employment screening. Book a demo now.

Background & Reference Checks
31st Dec

Certn delivers fast, friendly and comprehensive background screening that helps organisations make fact-based hiring decisions, lower hiring costs and improve the user experience for applicants and recruiters. Available only to customers in US, Canada, UK and Europe.

With this direct integration, you can send a background check and receive the results without ever leaving the JobAdder platform.
Digital Document Signing
20th Nov

Docusign allows agreements to be signed electronically on practically any device, from almost anywhere, and at any time.

Provide better experiences for a signee

Our integration will help connect, automate and accelerate the employee/candidate agreement process so that your time is spent on people, not paper. By modernising your system of agreement with DocuSign, you’ll be able to do business faster with less risk, lower costs, and provide better experiences for a signee.

Since its inception in 2003, DocuSign has been on a mission to accelerate business and simplify life for companies and people around the world. Today, more than 500,000 customers and hundreds of millions of users in over 180 countries use DocuSign.

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Hear why your peers love JobAdder’s Integration partners

17th May
Tom Mackintosh
Talent International

A number of things stood out for me…ease of deployment and set-up is one of those things as well as the month-by-month rolling contracts which is absolutely crucial. So we’re building everything from scratch and working with JobAdder has been great, because it means that I can build a best-of-breed stack.

23rd Jun
Vanessa Flynn
Bolt Talent Solutions

JobAdder was great, they suggested who we should reach out to based on their experience of working with different integrations. We were blown away at how quick and easy it was to just integrate and that we could integrate things ourselves.

3rd Feb
Philip Kingdom
Professional Recruitment Australia

The integration work JobAdder carried out was simply excellent. They conveyed complex processes to us in language we could understand and completed the work with minimum fuss.

23rd Jun
Craig Bagshaw
3X Partners

I think the integrations are really problem solving at scale. You can do so much more with less effort and less people. It’s really allowed us to raise the transparency for all parties in the hiring process.

23rd Jun
Maarten Roosenburg
Smaart Recruitment

We’ve been able to onboard different tools from Referoo to TalentTap. At the end of the day, consultants spend up to 90% of their day on one platform so it’s been great that they can stay within JobAdder and access all these tools.

3rd Feb
Laura Moffitt
Harper Anderton

My favourite thing about JobAdder is the flexibility that it provides. We can completely customise the software to match exactly what we need and what works for our business.

17th May
Giles Keay
Constructive Recruitment

“[The integrations are] brilliant. It has enabled us to actually implement different strategies and activities that we want to do.”

3rd Feb
Paul Cameron
Consult Recruitment

JobAdder came out on top in all the key areas, from the cost of integration and setup to training for staff and then functionality and utility. I think the beauty of JobAdder is it runs in an agile, modern software environment that gives you regular updates to features that matter to users. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, it scales with you and your business, which is perfect.

17th May
Frank Spina
Fenner Dunlop

Integrations like HelloSign have sped things up for us and made it more engaging and easier for our candidates. We’ve been able to eliminate a clunky step in the process for our candidates, especially because a lot of our candidates work in remote regional areas where printing and scanning facilities may not be available. It also helps save a few trees eliminating the need to have paper contracts.

Discover the joy JobAdder can add to your job

  1. Easy and intuitive
  2. Award-winning local support
  3. Flexible pricing options

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How is JobAdder different from other staffing and recruitment platforms?
JobAdder exists to make recruitment more efficient and joyful for everyone involved – not just the users of our platform. We’re here to improve the hiring experience for candidates, clients, internal stakeholders, human resources management and HR teams as well as recruiters, and that drives our continual innovation. Visit Why JobAdder to learn more.
Partnerships and integrations
How can I partner with JobAdder?

Great question! We are always looking out for brilliant partners to join us and help make the job of recruitment more efficient and joyful for our customers. Complete our partnership request form and we’ll be in touch.

Partnerships and integrations
Does JobAdder offer an API?

Yes! JobAdder offers API access enabling your development team to pull or push data in or out of JobAdder, including registration forms, dashboard and reports, and to connect to other applications via an API integration.

For more information on getting started with our API, see here.

Partnerships and integrations
What apps integrate with JobAdder?

JobAdder offers integrations with many of the world’s leading recruitment, candidate sourcing, screening, employee engagement, payroll, invoicing, workforce management, productivity apps and more to make your life easier.

Check out the JobAdder Marketplace to find out more.

Partnerships and integrations
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Application management
SMS recruitment

With our SMS messaging and text recruiting, designing a great candidate experience has never been easier.

Application management
Job boards

Use our global network of job boards to find qualified candidates, anywhere, instantly. With the click of a button, post to 200+ of the best job sites all around the world.

Business development
Note templates

Your data, your way with Note Templates and Application Forms

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