What is Contact Management Software?

Contact Management Software is software that is dedicated to storing a company’s information about their contacts.

This information is characterised by being easily searchable and is the basic information needed to populate a contact’s profile. Examples of information mostly commonly stored in Contact Management Software are:

  • Customer / client names
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses

As recruitment companies often have huge databases of basic information of this nature, Contact Management Software is a useful tool to help manage this information and to search contacts easily and efficiently.

It is also a way for companies to centralize and store valuable information securely, without fear of it being lost or contained in one employee’s computer.

Alongside of storing customer information, Contact Management Software includes support features such as note taking on contacts, notifications that prompt staff to complete tasks and tagging that enables communication about contacts between staff.

The key function of Contact Management Software is to support staff in managing customer information, which makes it similar to CRM Software.