What is a Content Management Systems?

Content Management Systems or CMS are systems employed by a company in order to assist staff to store, manage, alter, share and publish content.

As ‘content’ is a very broad term and encompasses many different kinds of material, CMS are equally diverse and scalable to adapt to the content requirements of any given company. A key function of CMS is that they allow staff to manage workflow and tasks that are shared between multiple users.

Content Management Systems are commonly used to support staff working with the below two types of content:

Content being published on websites, which is usually external-facing content

Document content, for example reports, created for a company’s use internally or with their clients

Content Management Systems aim to improve efficiency by allowing for the storing, management and manipulation of valuable company information. In that regard CMS and Contact Management Software have similar purposes, however CMS is usually more sophisticated as it has a more complex functionality. See more on Contact Management Software here.