What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement refers to the condition of how interested an employee is in their work, which is usually a reflection of how committed they are to the company as a whole.

Companies that invest in strategies to keep employees engaged in their work on a daily basis, by way of implementing employee engagement ideas, typically reap the benefits of this investment as it feeds directly back into their business through their employees desire to perform well.

Examples of employee engagement ideas include:

  • Instigating activities that strengthen the relationship between team members and allow them to work better together
  • Providing positive feedback to employees when they perform well, to incentivize them to keep doing so
  • Providing employees with training and mentoring on a consistent basis
  • Identifying an area of work that each employee is passionate about and providing them with the opportunity to excel in this area

Engaged employees are more likely to perform well, better than employees that are not engaged in their work. Employees that are highly engaged often possess a desire to succeed, not just for themselves, but for the overall wellbeing of their company. Companies can be informed first hand about levels of employee engagement by conducting employee engagement surveys on a consistent basis.

The objective of these surveys is to gain an honest insight into how engaged employees are and the reasons why, with a view to identifying effective ways to improve engagement.