What is a Recruiter?

A recruiter, or recruitment consultant, is a professional who connects candidates looking for roles with companies looking for candidates to fill vacancies.

Recruiters typically work out of employment agencies that specialise in finding and filling jobs in one or many specific sectors of the workforce. See more on employment agencies here. This kind of recruiter is known as an agency recruiter.

The alternative type of recruiter is one that recruits exclusively for roles within the company that they work for, known as an in-house recruiter. This latter type of recruiter specialises in finding candidates for role whenever vacancies arise.

Successful recruitment consultants build a network of companies and candidates in their designated area of expertise.

As recruitment consultants are required to work with large amounts of data on a daily basis, including databases of all of this candidate and contacts information, recruitment software such as JobAdder enables recruitment professionals to perform the full end-to-end task of recruitment more easily and effectively.