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FlexiTime is an advanced workforce management solution for the New Zealand recruitment industry that incorporates online timesheets

FlexiTime reduces your administration costs, improves the accuracy of payroll and billing and gives your clients and candidates a professional looking and easy-to-use application for recording and approving time.

Your candidates enter their time online, your clients approve it with a single click from an email and then you use that time to both invoice your clients and generate payroll. You can feel confident that the hours being billed and paid are accurate because they are drawn from the same online timesheet. Contractors can download their own buyer-created invoices from FlexiTime, greatly simplifying the payment process.

JobAdder and FlexiTime work together to make contractor and temp management easy. When you create a placement in JobAdder all client, candidate, job and rate information appears in FlexiTime. All changes made in JobAdder are automatically updated in FlexiTime. No more double entry or costly errors!

Here’s how to get it up and running with JobAdder:

  1. Get Started

    Sign up for a Flexitime account and email and ask them to enable the recruitment setup for your account

  2. Connect

    Go to the Connect tab inside Flexitime, select JobAdder and enter your login details

  3. BAM

    All done! Your Flexitime and JobAdder accounts are now synced and ready to go.

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