Candidate Sourcing

JobAdder + HiringSolved

HiringSolved is an advanced search engine that works by collecting candidate data from all over the web.

Recruitment professionals can use HiringSolved to run custom searches that aggregate candidate data and filter the results based on relevance to search criteria.

These searches can be as generic or specific as required; the genius of HiringSolved is that it casts a wide net over the web in order to deliver well-matched results.

HiringSolved has one of the fastest and most advanced search capabilities, scouring the web at high speed to help recruiters expand their talent pool and uncover those hidden gems.

HiringSolved makes finding the right candidate for any job quick and easy.

Here’s how to get it up and running with JobAdder:

  1. Get Started

    Sign up for a HiringSolved account.

  2. Connect

    Download the PeopleAdder plugin for Chrome or Firefox.

  3. BAM

    Log into your account and start linking people profiles to candidate and contact records in JobAdder.

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