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JobAdder + Onboard Express

Onboard Express allows all onboarding documentation to be created and issued efficiently

Onboard Express is an HR onboarding system built to handle high volume contract and permanent recruitment.

Onboard Express facilitates the creation of electronically issued offer letters and other relevant documentation to be prepared, approved and sent to new hires, saving you time and effort compared with paper-based data entry. Candidates can easily review and approve documents digitally.

Once connected, and a placement is made in JobAdder, the placement data automatically syncs with Onboard Express, and the candidate appears in your Onboard Express portal ready to be onboarded as desired.

It offers JobAdder users to extract recruitment data from a candidate record, and use it to populate the data in the employment offer creation process. It also offers the potential to commence the offer process to a candidate straight out of JobAdder – without the need to even access the platform! (This depends on the data the client requires to create the offer.)