Onboard Express

Onboard Express allows all onboarding documentation to be created and issued efficiently

With Onboard Express, recruiters and employers can quickly create contracts, forms and policy documents for new hires. All onboarding documentation is delivered to candidates through a secure online portal, where they can review and accept their contract without any delay to the issuer.

Welcome packs, customised videos and any other general company information can also be included in the portal, boosting engagement with new employees and promoting company culture.

Once all necessary onboarding documentation has been completed, each relevant internal department (such as IT and Payroll) is notified so that they can be well prepared before the new employee’s first day.

  1. Get Started

    Sign up for an Onboard Express account and let them know you’d like to integrate with JobAdder.

  2. Connect

    Contact our Support Team and let them know you’d like your Onboard Express account enabled on your JobAdder account.

  3. BAM

    You’re all set! Your onboarding workflow in Onboard Express is now a seamless extension of your recruiting activity in JobAdder.

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Onboard Express
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