Ratescalc.com is a pay/bill rate calculator which automates quotes and employment contracts.

Ratescalc.com™ enables you to calculate rates accurately and quickly.
The application also issues quotations to your clients and assignment letters to your candidates in a fully digitalised workflow. Ratescalc.com™ calculates rates for ALL employment types in the Australian market – PAYG, contractors including any additional supplier services such as materials. Ratescalc.com™ guarantees 100% compliance to all Government and legislative requirements.
Calculate rates for PAYG Casual employees, PAYG fixed term/part-time employees, apprentices and trainees (including school based), flat rates for PAYG casual and permanent employees, contractors and non-award PAYG employees. No more excel spreadsheets and external web searches – all rates calculations and quotes requirements are produced within JobAdder through Ratescalc.

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