A smart task management tool, Taskpace allows recruiters to focus on work that matters and make more placements consistently.

Taskpace is an AI-powered task management and workflow optimisation tool.

By integrating with a recruiter’s existing CRM, Taskpace collates and manages all day-to-day tasks, big and small. From making a candidate an offer to sharing reference check information, Taskpace aggregates every task that a recruiter needs to do in one user-friendly interface. It intelligently predicts the next steps the recruiter needs to take to move it through their workflow.

Tasks are populated in Taskpace based on the individual recruiter’s existing job orders. Using AI functionality, Taskpace makes predictions and suggestions about what needs to be done based on the recruiter’s activity.

Once the recruiter works through and completes their daily tasks, those tasks are automatically ticked off the list in Taskpace, so no double handling is involved.

Taskpace allows the recruiter to be freed up to focus on placing more candidates, knowing that their tasks are taken care of and that nothing will fall through the cracks.

Here’s how to get it up and running with JobAdder:

  1. Get Started

    Sign up to Taskpace at https://app.taskpace.com/signup/ and select ‘JobAdder’ from the list of ATS providers.

  2. Connect

    Give Taskpace the permission to connect to your JobAdder account.

  3. BAM

    You’re all set and ready to have your tasks managed by Taskpace!

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